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Writing pitches can often seem like the great unknown. While there’s a lot of information out there about what should and shouldn’t go in a pitch, there’s little in the way of real life examples. Especially when there’s no set template, looking at what others have done can be the best help.

All the pitches here are successful journalism pieces that have been published in publications across the world, and we aim to update this library every month with new pitches. You can search by type using the label picker, and if you click through on any given pitch, you’ll see the full text and a link to the published article.

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Last Updated – June 2021

Recent Pitches

  • As school children across the UK return to school this week, it should have been the end of good season for Britain’s outdoor pools. After lockdown restrictions eased for lidos on July 11, the month...

    The Overtake
    October 2020
  • So how do you make sure the jobs you're interested are being advertised to you? I'll run through exactly how these tools work for employers on Twitter and Facebook - and what this means for your profi...

    Debut Careers
    October 2018
  • Trade unions in the USA are having a bit of a moment. In February, in the wake of huge lay offs, workers at Buzzfeed US voted to unionise, following in the footsteps of digital lifestyle title Refiner...

    The Journalist (NUJ Magazine)
    January 2020
  • The demanding call centre hours has left little time to search for a role in my chosen field. From speaking with my stop-gap colleagues also fighting the balance of working the unsociable hours and...

    HuffPost UK
    February 2021
  • The AOP Digital Publishing Awards has 33 judges overall; 17 are women. The Digital Editor of the Year 2018 and 2019 award on both occasions was presented to women, and the Rising Star award for both y...

    June 2020
  • In a time where companies are less likely to take on interns and full-time employees for jobs, freelancing can be a great medium for students to start building their careers. I've been freelancing for...

    The Independent
    October 2020
  • I have an idea to write about how black culture has impacted my identity and how I relate to the world. Black hair specifically, is something I am very passionate about and it holds a close relation t...

    The Spill
    January 2021
  • I'd like to write about the following women, all of whom wear the hijab, and their achievements, to make a point that the garment doesn't hold women back from being who they want to be....

    April 2021
  • A report out this week shows that periods have a significant impact on a person’s experience of disease, drastically affecting the severity of their symptoms....

    September 2018
  • Most historians believe that soap originated in the Levant, travelling to Europe via the Romans. In this region, there are two cities famed above all others for their production of soap – Aleppo, Sy...

    News Deeply
    May 2017
  • Tech, social media, and in particular, fake news have played a significant role in the campaign, and in a pretty vicious way – so much so that the candidates decided to come together to sign a socia...

    Centre for International Governance Innovation
    June 2018
  • If you thought staring at your phones was a guaranteed romance-killer, think again! Technologies such as Simply Us, Wunderlist, Kindu and Fix a Fight help couples do everything from negotiating m...

    Fabulous (The Sun)
    July 2017
  • Recently I had a sexual encounter with some friends that, although enjoyable, involved a few moments I wasn’t super comfortable with. Afterwards, I mentioned these and they were taken on board (or s...

    The Establishment
    July 2018
  • There are very few people who think the communication from the Government on the pandemic has been stellar. However, disabled people have been sorely ignored within the Government communication strate...

    The Times Red Box
    January 2021
  • Being diagnosed with the 5th and 6th benign ovarian tumour, after having the previous 4 surgically removed, Ella (19) asked the physician to remove these ones too, as they were causing her physical an...

    November 2020
  • Anti-semitism at Universities across the country at a record high, with the 2019-20 academic year hosting the highest total of recorded anti-semitic incidents. The Community Security Trust has found t...

    February 2021