Can These Apps Reignite Your Relationship?

July 2017

The secret to romantic bliss? Sync your smartphones

If you thought staring at your phones was a guaranteed romance-killer, think again! Technologies such as Simply UsWunderlistKindu and Fix a Fight help couples do everything from negotiating mutual engagements and divvying up house chores, to resolving arguments and spicing up their sex lives.

And with a recent report saying that couples who shared housework equally had more sex, there’s never been a better time to digitally synchronise your relationship.

As someone who recently embraced the “shared to-do list” app (baby steps!) I will join three other couples who will be assigned different apps to try out for a week and keep a diary on whether and how it improved their real-life relationships.

I will also speak to:

  • Chris Wetherell and Jenna Bilotta, the real life married couple behind relationship-syncing app Avocado to create a box-out on what led them to create the app and how technology can improve IRL relationships.
  • Peter Fraenkel, family and relationships psychologist and author of Sync Your Relationship, Save Your Marriage, for a box-out on how each couple did and what he would recommend to each as an alternative or next step
  • I will also compile a sidebar of the best apps for couples