The Savage X Fenty Show Was The Antidote To Toxic Masculinity I Always Dreamt Of

October 2020

TIMELY PITCH – Savage X Fenty show was an antidote to toxic masculinity

Dear Ellie,

I hope you are well. I’m happy to be sending you this timely pitch for British Vogue’s website.

As you may know, Savage X Fenty Show Volume 2 is now available on Amazon Prime. I’ve watched it two times and would like to write an 800/900 words op-ed on how the show is an antidote to toxic masculinity. The show featured the gender-fluid line of underwear and loungewear designed by Rihanna and P Diddy’s son Christian Combs. The collection goes from S to XXXL, an inclusive offer that Rihanna wanted to see represented on the catwalk as well (see homemade gif below). 

Abs, moobs (man boobs), bellies, skinny arms and all complexions were visible onscreen. Drag queens (Jayda Essence Hall, Shea Couleé, Gigi Goode), rappers, gay dancers and straight singers shared the same stage embodying all the spectrum of masculinities.

As a black queer man who wears XXL, I teared up the second I saw someone who looked like me entering the stage wearing heels and a kimono. I think this was a pivotal moment in the representation of the nuances of masculinity for all men of colour.

Let me know what you think; I can hand over the article in the afternoon.

If I don’t hear from you by Saturday 3rd, I’ll assume it’s a pass and that it’s okay to take this story elsewhere, but I’ll make sure to send other ideas your way in the future. 

I’ve written for The Independent, The Huffington Post UK, Level, Business of Fashion, I WEIGH and a few publications in France like Marie Claire, Slate and Glamour. 

Best regards,