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Hello! We’re Journo Resources, a bootstrap start-up based in the UK, trying to level the playing field for people breaking into the media. We provide tools and resources that are free for everyone to use, run and attend events across the country, and provide detailed and long-form advice for anyone that needs it. We’re also big on taking a moral stand – after all, you can’t create a change in the industry unless you make some fuss.

We’re currently trying to raise £150 a month in regular donations so that it takes the pressure off raising money for our basic costs, meaning we can focus on things like making great resources and content. Currently, we’re using Ko-fi, which is a great and wonderful website that allows you to automatically send just £3 a month our way – the price of a hot chocolate.

Well, we won’t actually spend it on hot chocolate, but £3 goes a long way to helping us pay for our website cots, MailChimp account and expenses. Plus, we promise to take you out for an actual hot chocolate some time, on us.

Why We’re Doing This…

Journalism is not a diverse industry. A recent report by The Sutton Trust found that 51 per cent of leading journalists were educated privately, less than one in five went to a comprehensive and more than half went to Oxbridge. Just under 80 per cent of leading editors were educated privately.

Ninety-four per cent of journalists are white, according to an investigation by City University and more than half are male. A State of the Nation Report also found that just 11 per cent of journalists are working class, compared to 60 per cent of the population.

Everyone should be able to break into journalism if they want too – our career choices shouldn’t be limited by our background. But it’s also bigger than that. How can the media represent the people it’s supposed to serve, if it’s not made up of people from those backgrounds. It’s inevitable we’ll miss the real stories, and large swathes of people won’t trust us.

So, we’re going back to the beginning, creating constructive and practical tools, advice, and resources to help people break into and progress in journalism.

What We’re Offering…

The tools we offer don’t exist elsewhere, and neither do our morals. We collect data on freelance rates and job salaries so people don’t get shortchanged when negotiating. We offer advice on how to pitch and templates on how to invoice or do your accounts and promote opportunities for free learning, and funding for education and reporting.

Our jobs board only advertises opportunities which list a salary range, and our events always have a practical takeaway – you won’t just see some people talking, you’ll also get a headshot done, or have your CV reviewed there and then. We put together the only complete list of journalism graduate schemesawards, and mentoring, as well as compiling a fortnightly round-up of all the latest opportunities.

Amongst other things we also run a long-form advice clinic, with a new piece every week, answering all the questions you would ever need to know about a subject (well, we try…), and also go through our inbox at least once a week to personally answer all your questions.

Why We Need Your Help…

Running this much stuff takes a lot of time, and also uses a lot of resources. Our founder, Jem Collins, left her full-time job to spend more time on the site back in June 2018, and is now juggling start-up life with freelancing to pay the bills.

We’re working hard to make the site sustainable by partnering with organisations and sponsors who share our values, but with little to no buffer on our basic costs, it’s difficult to juggle creating and curating content and events with covering the basics. We don’t want to become rich (money doesn’t make anyone haapy), just create a resource which is self-sustaining.

Every month we need to make £750 to cover what we do at the moment, through a combination of sponsors, job listings, and events. However, even just £150 (if just 50 people gave us £3) would make a massive difference in allowing us to focus on content, not overheads. It would cover things like:

  • Our website costs, such as hosting, domains, and tweaks to make sure the site is easy to use
  • Covering the monthly fees from Mailchimp to send out our opportunities newsletter
  • Expenses for the team when we go to meetings or events across the country, or to pay for the wi-fi and phone calls

Any more than that would also help us grow. In the future, we’d love to:

  • Start a fund for people unable to travel to our events, so we can pay their travel expenses
  • Take on freelancers to write pieces for our site, and help us generate more funding
  • Own our own laptop. No, really, our director doesn’t actually have her own, it broke

Every few pounds really does help, and we promise to buy you an IRL hot chocolate in the future ☕️.