Data and Privacy Policies and General Terms

At Journo Resources we’re committed to using your data both securely and transparently. Here’s everything you need to know – and just for clarity, this policy applies to all information collected or submitted both on this website (, any of our social channels, or our newsletter.  

First things first, you need to know we’re a limited company (No: 10907938) and our registered address is 13 Brake Wood Close, Fremington, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 3DP. We’re also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, and our registration number is ZA543091.

By using this website and our services you agree to our terms and policies. These terms were last updated in June 2020. Any questions? Drop us a line on

What Information Do You Collect Automatically?

If you’re a visitor to this website we use some anonymous analytics tools to monitor traffic to the website. This helps us to work out which pages are the most useful, and help us prove the impact of our work to our partners and supporters. We want to reach as many people as possible, so knowing who is looking at our stuff is really helpful. All of the data collected in this way is completely anonymous – we don’t know your name, email address, or any other identifying details.

This is done through Google Analytics. Google does this by using cookies, which are stored on your computer, and it will tell us simple things like which pages you looked at and how long for. It also gives a best guess of where people are located (via country or city) and age demographics (this is grouped in sections such as 18-24). This data is held securely by Google Analytics and is only accessible by Journo Resources staff via a secure password. If you want to opt-out of this, Google provides easy tools to do this.We run this site using WordPress, which also comes with a built-in analytics programme called Jetpack, which collects similar information – you can see their privacy policy here.

Occasionally, we also use affiliate links on our jobs board or in our articles. Currently, our affiliate partners are Total Jobs, CV Library, and Amazon and clicking these links allows us to increase our income and pay for the website to be run. This is done through using a tracking link – we are able to generate a unique link to use in our site, so that these partners know any traffic we send them has come from us. For Total Jobs, we get paid every time someone clicks a link to a job, at CV Library we get paid each time someone applies for a job, and at Amazon we will receive a small commission if you do go onto buy something.

We will always clearly say when we’re using affiliate links, such as a note in the article, and we also clearly list the providers we work with at the top of our jobs board, so you always have the option to avoid clicking. By clicking these links we don’t have access to any additional data about your location, name, or which jobs you have applied for.

What Other Information Do You Collect? Why?

From time to time Journo Resources also collects other data, with your explicit consent. This is to improve the services provided by the website, provide you with additional services, and to create resources which help the wider journalism community. This includes:

The Journo Resources Newsletter

The Journo Resources newsletter is a weekly mail out of opportunities. In order to access the service users must provide their name and email address, through a secure form, this is to enable us to send the newsletter to you. This is the only way you can subscribe to the newsletter – we do not add any addresses to the list manually – you have to complete the process with your express permission. We do not add any email address to the list which we receive from other sources (for example when submitting rates or completing a feedback form).

This data is held securely in Substack, a service which can only be accessed by Journo Resources staff via a secure password. It is never exported and you can see the full details on Substack’s own privacy policy here. You are free to unsubscribe at any time, either by using the unsubscribe function at the bottom of every newsletter or contacting us directly.

Substack also collects data on how emails are received – for example, if you opened the newsletter and if you clicked on a link. This data is not exported or used for targeting – we only look at this to check we are providing the most relevant opportunities in a broad sense. For example, we may look at the overall open rate or the overall click rate. We do not take part in any targeted advertising.

Previously we used MailChimp as our email newsletter provider, however, all data has now been transferred to Substack securely. You can see full details on Mailchimp’s own privacy policy here.

User Surveys and Forms

From time to time we run a number of user surveys, through Google Forms or as part of our website. These include surveys on what you think about the site and our services, and gathering data on conditions for journalists (for example freelance journalism rates or salary data), as we believe this anonymised data helps to improve conditions for all journalists.

In all our forms, whether for our resources or a user survey to improve our services, we ask for the minimum amount of identifiable data possible. We may ask for your email or name – this is purely for the purpose of contacting you with regards to the information you have submitted. We may ask for demographic information such as age or general location, in order to assess if we are reaching as broad a demographic with our tools and resources as possible. We will never use this data for targeted advertising, or pass it on for any other reason.

By using this website you are under no obligation to fill out any of these forms – or indeed any particular questions in any form – all of our resources remain free to use for everyone, regardless of whether you choose to fill in a survey or form. No data which is submitted in a form to Journo Resources is used for any other purpose than the one stated on the form in question. No data is sold or passed to third parties, and we do not automatically subscribe you to any other Journo Resources service. Email addresses are always only collected for the purposes of contacting you about your submission, should a problem or query arise.

In the case of any data we use for the good of the community (for example, freelance rates, salaries) any data we use will be anonymised before being added to any public database, and we will advise you of the process of how this is done on any form you submit, so you can be aware of any risks to yourself. We will never publish your name or contact details in conjunction with any submission. All data is sorted securely through the WordPress backend, and is only accessible to Journo Resources staff via a secure password. It is never exported.

No data collected is used for targeted advertising, or to contact you about anything other than the submission you have made.


Journo Resources collects donations in order to fund the service. This is done through Ko-fi (which in turn uses Paypal and Stripe). All financial data is handled by these partners, Journo Resources does not see, store or collect any financial information on those who donate to us and this data is handled in accordance to these partners’ privacy policies.

The information Journo Resources is able to see from these partners is primarily limited to your name, email address, amount of donation, whether it is a one-off or recurring donation, and any message of support you leave us. We do not use any of this data in any way other than to send you a thank you for your contribution. We will not send you any further personal mailings without your express permission, or pass your data on to any third parties or sign you up to any of our other services.

You may be able to see specific subscriber only communications (eg posts) through the Ko-fi platform, and are free to opt out of this at any time. You are also free to stop your donation at any point – we will not contact you again. We may contact you to ask for additional information, such as your address, if you have asked to receive a specific reward, but this will only be used for that purpose.

We also accept monthly recurring donations through Substack. Similarly to donations through Ko-fi, we are unable to see your financial data as this is handled by our partners. We do not see, store, or collect any financial information from those who donate to us – we are only able to see your name, email, and type of donation. We will not use this data for any other purpose than to communicate with you about your donation, as outlined above.

Open Source Data

We also collect open source data from other organisations – for example, we scrape job sites such as Mediargh,, and Cision for salary and freelance data. We will always signpost information which has come from other sources clearly and openly.

Event Sign-Ups

From time to time Journo Resources runs events where we need to process ticket sales or registrations. This is done through Ticket Tailor (previously through Eventbrite). We will take the minimum amount of data possible in order to register you for the event. This data will not be exported, passed to any third parties, or used in any other way than to communicate with you about the event. We will not contact you for any other purposes than the vital information about the event.

We reserve the right to take photographs, videos and other media at events we run – please make yourself known to a member of Journo Resources staff if you don’t wish to take part in these. This will have no bearing on being able to come to an event.

Do You Target Advertising To Me Based On My Data?

No. Journo Resources does not undertake any individual targeted marketing based on data we collect. All advertising we run is site wide, and we believe in the interests of the people using our site.

How Do You Store My Information?

All information is stored through the use of secure services, with additional safety precautions for staff. These services include, but are not limited to Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Ticket Tailor, Google Forms, Ko-fi, Substack, Paypal, and Stripe. Our email client is Zoho.

No data is exported from these sources without being anonymised, and all information is protected by secure logins, with two factor authentication where possible and secure passwords. These sources are only accessible to Journo Resources staff.

Can I Request To See What Information You Have And Have It Deleted?

Of course! If you’d like to see what information (if any) we have about you email We’ll aim to get back to you within seven days. You can also request we delete any information we hold at any time. Again, we’ll be able to do this within seven days at most times.

What’s The Deal With Copyright?

Journo Resources reserves all copyright for any material created and used on this site, unless explicitly stated otherwise. You may not use, copy, or replicate any part of this site without our express permission.

You retain the copyright to any work you submit to the Journo Resources website, granting us a licence to use it by submitting it.