Jewish Students Are Speaking Out About Anti-Semitism At UK Universities

February 2021

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Rise in on-campus antisemitism 

Anti-semitism at Universities across the country at a record high, with the 2019-20 academic year hosting the highest total of recorded anti-semitic incidents. The Community Security Trust has found that such hate is not only perpetrated by students, but also by University and Student Union staff. 

I’ve personally had many Jewish students get in touch with me to express their fear of being “outwardly” Jewish, with anti-semitism a normal and rampant part of their University experience. I’m pitching a feature to highlight these issues by: 

  1. Addressing the statistics released by the CST 
  2. Talking to Jewish students and the Union of Jewish Students about their experiences 
  3. Speaking to campus rabbis
  4. Getting expert comment from the CST about this rise in antisemitism 

I hope this is of interest to you!