How One Mom with Alopecia Is Teaching Children to Accept Themselves

March 2021

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How does South Asian mother Suhani Parikh (Founder of Modern Marigold Books) teach children to be accepting about alopecia through her book “Shreya’s Style?” Why is it important for children to learn lessons of acceptance and “beauty” from an early age?

Suhani Parikh is a mom and founder of the publishing company Modern Marigold Books. As someone who has alopecia, she talks about the struggles and bullying she faced as a child and the ways in which it isolated her. That’s why her children’s book Shreya’s Very Own Style is so important because it talks about a young girl’s journey with alopecia and inspires children from an early age that we should be accepting and kind towards others. Alopecia is a topic that not many women talk about – in a world where beauty standards are heavily dictated by society, it’s difficult to feel accepted.

Suhani has agreed to an interview and to speak more about how children can learn acceptance through her book.

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