This Was Meant To Be A Stop-Gap Job. Covid Might Mean It’s Forever.

February 2021
Dear [Editor],
I hope you’re well and looking forward to Christmas?
Just wanted to see whether the following would be of interest to HuffPost:
‘I worry I will never leave my stop-gap job’
The pressures of COVID-19 on the job market have been challenging to say the least. Finishing my MA in June, I was lucky to find a job working in a call centre shortly after as a temporary solution to unemployment.
This, however, has left a feeling of depressive thoughts six months on as I see my university peers accepting exciting junior positions, and the demanding call centre hours has left little time to search for a role in my chosen field. From speaking with my stop-gap colleagues also fighting the balance of working the unsociable hours and examining the job boards daily, the feeling of being stuck and helpless is even more apparent as we approach Christmas.
I think a first person feature exploring my own experience, as well as those in the same or similar situations, would be a great fit for HuffPost.
Do you think this piece would work? I have more than six years’ writing experience and you can find some examples, like this COVID-19 blog post for Times Higher Education, via my portfolio link in the email signature.
I look forward to your thoughts.