You've Got Mail

July 2019

Hi Christine,

I hope you’re well – enjoyed reading the last issue of The Journalist and it inspired me to send a pitch your way. I’ve been a freelance journalist for the last four years, and of course an NUJ member, writing for outlets such as, the i Paper and more, and also run my own start-up which helps young people to break into and progress in the media industry, Journo Resources, so am well versed in creating features on the industry itself.

The Rise Of The Freelance Paid Newsletter

It can be tough being a freelancer – whether you’re juggling endless shifts or trying to land pitches, it can seem like a thankless task. However, the last few years have seen the emergence of a new, and more regular income stream for some freelancers – the subscription newsletter.

Whether it’s someone sending you £3 a month for a list of pitch call outs, or a monthly deep dive on freedom of expression, there are now a huge range of freelancers drawing a steady income from their readers. I’ll look into why readers have decided they’re willing to pay for content from writers directly, how it compares to the cost of subscriptions to publications, and the pros and cons of starting your own as a journalist.

I’ll speak to a range of successful newsletter writers, who cover a range of topics and audiences, whether that’s a journalist from Scotland writing on free speech to a weekly pitch call newsletter that’s gone global, as well as content strategists about why some newsletters succeed or fail and why audiences are willing to pay. Most importantly, the article will give practical advice and insight to journalists considering launching their own mailing lists. I also think this would also work well with a box out of the main tips and software to use, for people looking to launch their own newsletter.

All the best,