Pitching Guidelines

So, you’ve got a great idea, but who should you be sending it to? And how would they like it written or shot? 

It’s different for every publication, but some are more helpful than others, so we’ve decided to help you out with an up to date list of pitching guidelines, as and when we find them.

Know something we don’t? Email us on jem@journoresources.org.uk.

Last updated: July 26

Aetla Magazine (Nature, Society, World)
AARP (Culture, 50+)
Adventure Uncovered (Adventure, Activism + Climate Crisis)
Afar (Travel)
Air Canada En Route (Travel)
Al Jazeera.com (Middle East, Global News and Politics)
Al-Monitor (Middle East)
Amtrak’s The National (Travel, Culture)
Anthropology News (Work, Labour, Politics, History)
Apartment Therapy (Housing, Home Design)
Archer Magazine (Sexuality, gender, identity)
Are We Europe (European Identity)
Artsy Editorial (Art and Art History)
ArtUK (Art, UK, Art History and Culture)
Atlas Obscura (Travel, History, Quirky Destinations)
A11 Project (Technology, Coding, Accessibility)
BBC Travel (Travel)
Beer Kulture (Beer, Food and Drink)
Believer Mag (Literature, Arts, and Culture)
Bellona Magazine (Music, Film, Literature, Visual Arts, Economic Critique)
Black Femme Collective (Black Feminism)
Bitch Media (Culture, Activism, Politics, Art)
Brighton Seagull (Interesting People & Organisations, History Or Local Issues)
Broadview (Spirituality, Justice and Ethical Living)
We Black And Nerds (Fandoms)
BrainFacts (Science, Human Biology, Disease)
Brairpatch (Feminism, Activism, Politics and Investigations)
Brides (Fashion, Bridal)
BRIGHT Magazine (International Development)
Bright Wall/Dark Room (Filmmaking)
Briarpatch Magazine (Social Justice & Politics)
Budget Travel (Travel, Budget Destination)
Burnaway (Conservation, environment, ecology)
Bustle (Pop Culture, Wellness, Lifestyle)
Business Insider (Business, Culture and News)
Business Journalism (Business, Careers, Economy)
Burum Collective (Personal Essays for people in the Beer, Cider, Wine Industry)
BuzzFeed READER (Personal Essays and Cultural Criticism)
Canadaland (Stories On Canadian Media)
Calvert Journal (Photography, Travel and Culture)
Capital and Main (Investigative News on Inequities)
Catapult Magazine (Narrative Nonfiction and Fiction)
Climate Correspondent (Climate Crisis and Solutions)
City Monitor (Urban Policy)
Code Switch (Race and Identity)
Color Blog (non-fiction articles & essays, visual arts from Queer & Trans People of Color)
COMPOST Magazine (Digital Community)
Contingent Magazine (History)
Condé Nast Traveler (Travel)
Contingent Magazine (Features, Shorts and Mini-Essays On History)
Cosmopolitan (Lifestyle)
Council of Zoom (Film, TV, Video Games)
Creative Revolt (Freelance Writing)
Crunchbase (Tech and Money)
Current Affairs (Politics & Culture)
DAME Magazine (Politics, Culture and Science)
DAME Magazine Newcomer’s Corner (Politics, Culture and Science)
Defector Mag (Sport and Culture)
DJ Mag (Music)
DW – Global Ideas (Global, Environment, Climate Change)
Diem – The Power Outlet (Female and NB Gender and Power)
Dirt (TV, Entertainment, Streaming)
Disaster Mag (Art, Lifestyle and Culture)
Discover (Science)
DRAFT (Beer)
EachOther (Human Rights)
EATER (Food and Drink)
Eating Well (Food and Diet)
Eidolon (Classics & Politics)
Epicurious (Home Cooking)
ERA Magazine (Radical History)
Escapist Magazine (Gaming)
Fanbyte (Video Games)
Fanfyte (Wrestling)
FanSided (Sports)
Fast Company (Work Life)
Foreign Policy (International Affairs)
FourFourTwo (Football)
Film Cred (Film)
Filmdaze (Film + TV)
From Gamers Magazine (Gaming)
Food52 (Cookery, Food)
Footprint Magazine (Environment and Sustainability)
Fortune (Business and Finance)
Funny Women (Comedy)
Future (Technology, Explainers, Op-ed)
gal-dem (News, Culture, First Person, Lifestyle)
GamesIndustry.biz (Games Industry)
Gay Mag (Essays)
Geek Magazine (Social Justice, Art, Activism)
Gizmodo (Tech)
Gizmodo (US), io9 and Earther (Technology, Science and the Internet)
Gravity (Product Communities)
Grist (Climate and Sustainability)
Greatist – My Little Quarantine (Wellness and Community Stories)
GirlsOnTop (Film)
Girls Night In/GNI (Wellness, Mental Health)
Golf Monthly (Golf)
Good Mom On Paper (Essays)
Guardian Music (Topical Music Features)
Hacking Finance (Financial Services)
Hakai Magazine (Coastal Science and Societies)
Health (Health and Wellness)
HI Canada (Travel and Backpacking)
High Life, British Airways (Travel)
History Today (History, Academic)
How To Pitch Feminist Food Journal (Literary journalism, Memoirs, Interviews)
Hypocrite Reader (Sociology, History, Creative Writing, Non Fiction)
Himal Southasian (Original Reportage Relating to Southasia)
Hip Hop Dance Almanac (Performing Arts, specifically relating to hip hop dance)
HUCK Magazine (Activism, Outdoor, Arts and Culture)
HuffPost UK Opinion (News/Opinion)
HuffPost UK Personal (Personal Essays)
i-D (Art, Culture & Fashion)
IJNet (Journalism Advice Content)
Increment (Computing, Technology and the Internet)
The Infatuation (Food and Drink)
Inkcap Journal (Environmental Issues in Britain)
Intrepid Magazine (Female Adventurers)
Insider (Politics, Technology, Business, Life)
Institutional Investor (Finance and Business)
Inverse (Science and Tech)
La Journada Filipina (History of the Philippines, Colonialism, Identity)
Journo Resources (Journalism Industry Long Reads and How To Features)
Joysauce (Opinions, Narrative-driven stories, Video)
Just Femme and Dandy (LGBTQIA+ Fashion)
JumpCut Online (Entertainment)
Keppel Health Review (Health, Government, Sociology, Political Science)
Lateral Magazine (Science, Society and Culture)
Lacuna Voices (Real-life stories)
Lady Science (women and gender in history and popular culture of science, technology, and medicine)
Landscape Architecture Magazine (Landscape Architecture)
Lapp (Fashion, Lifestyle, Politics, and Culture)
Laptop Mag (Laptop and Tablet News and Reviews)
Linseed Journal (Culture)
LitHub (Literary Life and Culture)
Threatened (Longform Narratives about Birds, People and Landscapes)
The Washington Post Launcher (Video Game and Esports)
The Washington Post, Inspired Life (Personal Essays)
LAist (Food, Cultural Cuisine and Identity)
Leafie (Cannabis Lifestyle and Culture)
Left Foot Forward (Progressive Politics)
Life and Thyme (Food, Drink and Lifestyle)
Logic Magazine (Technology and Science)
Lost in Cult (Video Games, Music, Art and Culture)
Lonely Planet (Travel)
Long Now (Essays, Features, Poetry, Fiction)
Longreads (Longread Features)
LoveEXPLORING (Travel)
McSweeney’s (Satire and Current Affairs)
MobLab (Social Change)
Mongabay (Climate and Nature)
Mental Floss (History, Science and Culture)
Mosaic (Human Health)
Mother Jones (Politics, Environment, Crime, Media)
Motherboard (Science, Tech & Online)
National Geographic (Environment, Science, Animals, Travel, History and Culture)
National Geographic Travel (Diverse Voices, Oddities in Travelling etc)
Nature Index (Natural Science and Research)
Next City (Urban Planning, Housing, Tech)
New_Public Magazine – (Community, Technology)
New Scientist (Science and Tech, Space, Health)
Netflix (Video Essays)
NK News (News and Analysis on North Korea)
NPR (News, Arts and Lifestyle)
NPR Code Switch (Race, Ethnicity and Culture)
NPR Goats and Soda (Health and Development in Low-Income Countries)
Non-Fiction (Themed Essays)
Outside (Adventure, Gear, Travel, Health and Culture)
Pacific Standard (Environment, Social Justice, Economics, Education)
Passage (Power & Politics)
PC Gamer (Coverage on PC Gaming)
Pelliclemag (Food and Drink)
Pipeline Artists (Art, Literature, Poetry)
Pit Magazine (Live Fire Cooking)
POCIT (Opinions, Personal Essays, Investigative)
Pocket Attics (Gaming)
Politics.co.uk (Politics Opinion, Features and Analysis)
Polygon (Original Reporting, Essays, Op-eds, Reviews, and Features on Media and Entertainment)
PositiveNews (Constructive Journalism)
Popular Science (Science and Technology)
Prism (Opinions, News and Essays for and by BIPOC)
The Progress Network (Positive news, Solutions journalism, Opinion)
Prospect Magazine (Politics, Current Affairs, Culture, Economics)
Protean (Leftist politics, Literature and Art)
ProPublica (Investigations)
PlanetM (Reviews)
Player 2 (Gaming, Technology, Reviews)
Ploughshares Blog (Essays & Reviews)
Radiolab (Broadcast Stories)
Rest Of World (Non Western Technology)
Rewire News (News, Features and Analysis on Reproductive Rights and Sexual Health Care)
Reveal (Investigations)
ReVision Energy (BIPOC Environmental Voices)
Roads and Kingdoms (Travel, Food, Politics)
Rock Paper Shotgun (PC Gaming)
Rogue (Lifestyle)
Rudaw English (Features, Opinion, Analysis on the Middle East)
Running Dog (Contemporary Arts)
San Francisco Chronicle (Food and Drink, with strong links to San Francisco)
Savage Minds (Class)
Scarleteen (Sex, Sexuality, Relationships)
Scientific American (Science, Policy and Technology)
Scientific Inquirer (Science, Technology)
Scottish BAME Writers Network (Life Experiences in Scotland)
Scouted (Commerce at the Daily Beast)
Scuba Diving Magazine (Industry Features)
Seeker (Travel)
Senior Executive Media (Employment, Business, Careers, HR)
Sesi (Lifestyle Content for Black Teenage Girls)
SIDEQUEST (Fantasy Roleplay, D&D)
Sifted (European Startups)
Slate (Politics, News, Life, Arts, Business, Tech)
SoTextual (Literature, Creative, Lifestyle)
Split Lip Magazine (Voice Driven Writing, Pop Culture, Poetry, Art)
StarTrek.com (Essays, Reports, Features about Trek)
Strategist UK (Products)
Strikewave (Labour and Work in the US and Abroad)
Study Hall (Media, Journalism Industry)
Stylist (Life, Travel, Beauty, People)
SwitchPlayer (Nintendo Switch)
Talk Vomit (Personal Essays)
Take On The Road (Travel)
Tenderly (Veganism)
Texas Observer (Texas)
Tone Madison (Local Arts and Culture)
Toward Freedom (World Events)
The American Prospect (Ideas, Politics and Power)
The Atlantic (Politics, Culture, Science and Tech)
The Author (Writing and Publishing)
The Blend (Personal Essays and Interviews about Mixed-race and Multicultural Identity)
The Chronicle of Higher Education (Essays, Book Reviews and Commentary on Cultural Affairs)
The Content Strategist (Content Marketing, SEO)
The Correspondent (News, Discussion, Reporting)
The Dance Current (Dance, Reviews, Personal Essays)
The Daring (Arts, Music, Poetry, Creative Arts)
The Demented Goddess (Arts & Culture)
The Doe (Personal Essays, Interviews, Untold Stories)
The Femedic (Health)
The Ferret (Issues Affecting The Public In Scotland)
The Free Association (Improv)
The Fresh Press (Sneaker Culture)
The Frisc (San Francisco)
The Forge – Medium (Stories on Personal Development)
The Fuller Project (Groundbreaking Reporting On Women)
The Gawker (Satire, Opinions, Essays and Reports)
The Gen – Medium (Politics, Culture, and Power)
The Guardian Opinion (Opinion)
The Guardian Music Section (Music)
The Heart of the Hotel (Travel, Human Stories on Hotel Workers)
The Level – Medium (Culture, Life, Race & Identity)
The Juggernaut (South Asian)
The Ken (Business and Tech in India and South-East Asia)
The New Territory (Literature and Long Form for the Lower Midwest)
The New Humanitarian (Humanitarian Stories)
The New York Style (Fashion, Trends, People)
The Muse (Career Advice)
The Oldie Magazine (News and Features for Older People)
The Outline (Culture, Power & The Future)
The Overtake (Features, Social Issues, Personal Essays)
The Shoestring (Community Journalism in Western Massachusetts)
The Statesider (US Travel and Culture Stories)
The Sunday Longread (Community Journalism, Social Issues, Longreads)
The Suitest (Travel, Experiences, Design and Inspiration)
The Tyee (Online News, Reports, Analysis)
The Urbanist (Sustainability, Urbanism)
The Verge (Technology and Science)
The Walrus (Long Reads, Features, Arts and Culture)
The Washington Post ‘Launcher’ (Video game industry features and profiles)
The Witness (Black Christianity)
This American Life (Podcast Stories)
Topia (Culture, Nature, Opinion)
Undark (Science and Society Podcast)
Unusual Efforts (Soccer, With A Focus On Women And Non-Binary People)
Unwinnable (Culture and Life)
Unwritten (Personal Essays and Opinions on Disability)
Upworthy (Positive Stories)
Uppercut (Gaming)
Vacationer (Travel, World, LGBT)
Vashti Media (Jewish Culture & Politics)
Vie des Arts (Art, Culture)
Vox First Person (Experiences, Opinion)
Vice Life (Health, Wellness, Self-care, Sex, Relationships, Drugs, Alcohol, and Money)
Vice News Canada (Canadian Features and Investigations)
Wanderlust (Travel)
War Resisters League (Police Abolition)
We Are Horror (Horror Culture)
Wear Your Voice Mag (LGBTQIA+ BIPOC Feminist Stories).
Well+Good (Lifestyle and Health)
Wethos (Business and Work)
WIRED (Science, Tech, Innovation)
WIRED UK (Tech, Business, Ideas)
WIRED UK Work Smarter (Business)
Women’s Day (Relationships, Food, Health and Home)
Women’s Media Center (Global Stories On Women)
Working Mother (Parenting, Careers)
Wrangler (Storytelling)
When Saturday Comes (Football 1980s fanzine movement)
xoNecole (News and Lifestyle for Women of Colour)
Yellow Eve (Women in Business)
Yes Magazine (Constructive Journalism)
Zagat Stories (Chefs, Restaurants, Dining)
Zenger News (Politics, Sports, Science, World, Business, Tech)
100 Days in Appalachia (Politics, Economics)
1843 – The Economist (Fashion, Design, Food, Travel & Politics, Conflict, Tech, Business, Science)