Pitch Us

What would you want to tell your past self about your career in journalism? Do you think there are gaps in advice available for reporters? Can you get under the skin of an issue journalists are talking about?

We know we don’t know everything, and we’d never pretend to – it’s why Journo Resources is always looking for new writers with new ideas to contribute to our long-form advice section.

Cool! What Kind Of Stuff Are You Looking For?

If you take a look at the pieces on our current advice section, you’ll get an idea for the type of stuff we’re looking for.

In short, we produce long-form content which is practical and full of advice – basically, the person who reads it should feel they’ve taken something away by the end. Normally this is about 1,000-1,500 words. We’re looking for original ideas that broadly fall into one of three categories:

Our readers tend to be students and young journalists within the first five years of their career, so making sure pieces are accessible is a must, but that doesn’t mean you can’t write something for people a bit further on in their career. We are particularly keen to also reach out to people returning to the profession, or who have newly become freelance. We also want you to really know your topic inside out and have covered pretty much everything – we don’t want our readers to have more questions than they started with.

We have covered a fair few topics already, but know there will have been areas we’ve missed, so we’re looking for pieces which make us go ‘why didn’t we do that already’. As ever, we’re always keen to hear from a diverse range of voices, as well as people across the country, in different types of journalism jobs, and of any age. Everything also tends to get re-shared quite a lot, so we’re looking for evergreen content which won’t date easily.

As a freelancer, we’ll also expect you to abide by our editorial standards – more details on that over here.

So, Obviously The Next Question Is Money…

As a small start-up, there’s not a lot of money kicking around, so we are currently only able to commission about two pieces a month, and that really is a hard limit. This means we may end up commissioning your piece for use in a couple of months time, and that even if we like it, we might not always be able to say yes. Please don’t be offended, it’s purely about the amount of money in the bank account and we do hope to be able to commission more in the future.

In terms of cash, we will pay up to £150 for investigative or deep dive features, and £100-120 for practical advice features, listicles and personal essays. We pay a day rate of £150 to people who are producing our ‘Day in The Life Series’. We will always agree a deadline when we commission you, as well as how much we can pay you.

Once you have submitted your finished piece and an editor has looked at it and given it the green light, we’ll pay within 14 days – you don’t have to worry about waiting for it to be published. We run two pay runs every month, one on the 1st and one on the 15th – this is mainly for our sanity, rather than anything else.

So, How Do I Send You My Ideas?

Send your ideas to our editor via email – she’s on jem@journoresources.org.uk. You can see more details of what we’re looking for from a pitch here.