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You know it. We know it. The facts about the journalism industry aren’t pretty. The latest statistics show that 80% of journalists come from middle-class backgrounds, while just 10 percent of editors are from non-white backgrounds.

Nearly two-thirds of the industry is based in London and the South East. Representation of disabled, LGBTQ+ and care-experienced journalists is also lags far behind.

It’s no surprise no one trusts reportersJourno Resources is changing it all. But we need your help to keep doing it.

We Help You Get Stuff Done Too

As well as giving you a warm fuzzy feeling that you’re directly helping to change things up in the media industry, a Journo Resources membership helps supercharge your own career. From as little as £4 a month, we’ve designed our memberships to give you the tools you need to succeed and get stuff done. Stuff like…

  • Our Events Series runs several times a month, with practical and inspiring workshops. Expect everything from practical skills like SEO and FOI, to crash courses on finding work, as well as building confidence, editing your own work and more.
  • Virtual Co-Working Sessions happen every week. We’ll help you to set actionable goals and power through them together.
  • Our Discord Community is a place to find community and work in real-time. We share opportunities as we find them, curate weekly discussions, and you can directly ask questions to our team  any time.
  • Ever felt you needed a Powerful Playlist to get you through? Our monthly playlist gets you through even the gnarliest of tasks, with a fresh theme and notes each month.
  • Our Annual Yearbook drops through your door in Q1 every year; a beautiful 100+ ring-bound workbook filled with practical exercises to help plan your goals, as well as features and insights.
  • Finding it all a bit overwhelming? The Recommendations Round-Up cuts through the faff and tells you what you need to know, focused on the industry, equity, and career progression.
  • Our team brokers the best deals on relevant Discount Codes and Freebies, helping you save even more money on things you already need – like co-working, accountancy, software and much more.

Yes, we know, it’s a heck of a lot for not a lot of cash. Check out our prices and start your membership below.

FAQs On Membership

We know you might have a few questions, so we’ve aimed to answer them all here! If we’ve missed anything, please do let drop us an email on memberships@journoresources.org.uk.

Where does the money go?

We’re an independent social enterprise that really is run on a shoestring. We know a lot of people say that but we really mean it – currently we only have one full-time staff member. Every penny invested by our subscribers goes back into running the website, targeted schemes, events and other projects that serve our community of more than 200,000 journalists.

We believe in being transparent about money – in order to run at our current capacity we need to be making at least £7,000 a month, but we’re not quite there yet. This is basically how much it costs to pay our small staff team, who are all paid at least the London Living Wage. In general more than 90 percent of our income is sent back to the community through paying staff wages and the freelancers who host workshops each month and write for our site. 

How can I sign up?

For the cost of a hot beverage and a treat of your fancy, taking out a JR subscription is now as simple as clicking the right membership option for you via our Steady page – or just take a look at the links above. We have three separate tiers that work on a sliding scale basis. All you need to do is select the right one that works for you! For those of you in the community who can afford to spare a little more throughout the month, we’ve included the option to pay a membership forward to someone who may find cost to be a barrier. 

Do I need a subscription?

Journo Resources is free for everyone who needs us. We’re wholly dedicated to democratising the industry and our commitment runs deep. Everything you’ll find on our website is free to use – and we’ll never put a paywall up. At the same time, we’re only a tiny team – with just one member full-time member of staff. Memberships are our lifeblood and help us keep the site running for everyone. As a thank you, you’ll get access to some carefully curated additional perks.

Purchasing a subscription will not only allow us to continue our day-to-day operations but will help sustain our dedicated schemes for underrepresented people, such as our fellowships scheme, which we’ve been running since 2020. Since then 90 percent of the cohort has gone into long-term employment in the industry. It also helps us to put tens of thousands of pounds back into the hands our community, paying fairly them for their work and expertise.

If you care about creating a fairer journalistic landscape then we say; absolutely, take out that subscription! 

I’m already subscribed to your service, does this change anything for me?

It doesn’t! Transition periods are hard and we know how fiddly having to re-register your card for an online service can be so we’ve tried to make things as easy as possible. If you’re happy with what you currently have, then there’s no need to change anything – if you’d like to switch to a different tier, just drop us a line on hello@journoresources.org.uk.

I’m a premium subscriber but I’m no longer able to attend an event, what happens to that ticket?

Don’t worry if you can’t make it – we operate a system where you let us know if you’re able to attend, rather than the other way around. We also give away an unlimited number of free tickets for members of the community who need them, so if you can’t make it, rest assured it’ll go to someone who needs it.

Why should I join the Discord? 

Simply put, journalism doesn’t have to be isolating. In our feedback surveys many of our members – especially those outside fo London – spoke about the need to have spaces to connect with others working in the industry. As well as the company, we’ll post opportunities live as we find them, best practice on job apps, and notes from our events. This, alongside our general room to talk more generally about whatever you fancy. 

I’m an organisation or institution and I’d like to get involved.

We’ve worked with a whole range of organisations over the years, including Women in Journalism, the Financial Times, the University of Central Lancashire and the British Association of Journalists.

Whether you’re looking for learning to upskill your members, want to support the future of the industry, or give back, we’d love to chat on hello@journoresources.org.uk.