Looking for funding for future study, support, a project or training? We’ve put together the only complete list (that we know of) or places to find some cash to help you get on in journalism.

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We’ll aim to update this list at least once a month, so you can plan ahead.

Last Updated December 6

Continual Applications

Fiverr UK Micro-Grant Programme
£500 in credit and £500 in cash for small and medium businesses, or individuals with an idea.

The Rory Peck Trust
Support for freelancers abroad in critical need, such as medical costs, subsistence and relocation.

The Rory Peck Training Fund
Crucial safety training for freelancers working abroad.

Mary Macarthur Holiday Trust
A quarterly fund for women who have been unable to afford a holiday for several years.

The Membership Puzzle Project
Grants for publications exploring and experimenting with membership models.

Journalism Diversity Fund
Funding for an NCTJ Accredited Course for those from a socially or ethnically diverse background.


The Future News Pilot FundCloses December 8
Between £20,000 and £100,000 to test new approaches to public interest news.

Kim Wall Memorial FundCloses December 16
A $5,000 grant for women covering stories on “the undercurrents of rebellion”.

United Nations Democracy FundCloses December 22
Offering project grants between $100-300,000 to civil society organisations, with one focus being media.

International Nieman Fellowships – Closed December 1
A year to work on an innovative journalism project. A full stipend is provided.

Kiplinger Programme in Public Affairs Journalist – Closed December 1
A short term fellowship at Ohio State University to spend a week training on digital tools.

John S Knight Fellowships at Stanford – Closed December 4
Spend 10 months at Stanford addressing the biggest issues facing journalism. About $85,000, plus tuition and healthcare.

Google Digital News Initiative – Expected To Re-Open In December
Grants for small to large news projects and initiatives.

European Journalism Centre Engaged Journalism Accelerator – Expected To Re-Open In December
€35-50,000 to help make news organisations more resilient and engaged.


Filmmakers Without Borders Grant ProgrammeCloses January 1 
Between $100-5,000 in funding for filmmakers, covering development, production, post-production and film festival applications.

CUNY Business Journalism FellowsCloses January 3
A $5,000 stipend to cover the global economy for US publications.

Roundhouse The Last Word Film FundCloses January 3
A £500 production budget plus £1,300 in additional support for 18-25-year-old filmmakers.

the Goethe-Institute, (Re)-CollectinG Europe ResidencyCloses January 10
Funded opportunity to spend four weeks travelling the UK covering Brexit.

Transparency and Accountability Initiative Photo GrantCloses January 13
A $8,000 grant to produce at least 30 photographs on a story.

National Geographic Exploration FundCloses January 15
Between $10-30,000 in funding for work on wildlife, a changing planet or the human journey.


Reuters Institute Journalism FellowshipCloses February 3
A fully funded research fellowship at the University of Oxford for journalists with five years experience or more.

Georgina Henry Award – Closed February 20
The award funds an innovative idea – £4,000 for either a student or senior journalist.


The Guardian Scott Trust BursaryClosed March 31 2019
Funding for masters study in journalism, as well as a £6,000 living allowance.

The Orwell Society Journalism Bursary– Closed March 1 2019
£1,500 bursary for students on, or about to embark on, an MA or BA programme.

The Bureau Local Untold Stories Fund – Closed March 7 2018
£1,000 grants to tell stories in local communities which would otherwise go unheard


Google Podcasts Creator Program – Closed April 14 2019
Accelerator of funding and training for diverse voices looking to break into podcasting.

Print Futures Awards & Scholars – Closed April 29 2018
Apprentices, workers or students under 30 who want monetary help to train in printing or publishing.

The DO School Scholarship – Closed April 15 2018
A four week funded scheme in Berlin to look at creating meaningful connections.

One World Media Production Fund – Closed April 1 2019
Funding for aspiring journalists and filmmakers, raising awareness of the developing world


George Viner Memorial Trust – Closed May 31
Funding for black or minority journalists to complete NCTJ training

City University Nick Lewis ScholarshipClosed May 31
This exciting scholarship is for £10,000 from the Nick Lewis Memorial Trust and a fee reduction of £2,000 given by the City’s Journalism department. 

Women Photograph – Closed May 15
Grants of up to $10,000 for women and non-binary photographers.

The Stationers Charity Postgraduate AwardClosed May 23
Up to 12 bursaries of £6,000 for those studying an MA with a view to going into content or communications

BAFTA Scholarships Closed May 28
Up to £12,000 towards fees for an undergraduate or postgraduate course in film, games or televison.

GoThinkBig Spring Forward Funding Closed May 7 2018
Up to £500 to run a project of benefit to the wider community, for 18-24-year-olds


Aziz Foundation Scholarship (MA Journalism) – Closed June 28
Funding for a student in the British Muslim Community to complete an MA at City or Cardiff. Up to £22,000 to cover tuition and expenses

The Quadrature Scholarship for Investigative Journalism – Closed June 27 2018
£10,000 funding for an MA at City University, plus £2,500 living expenses and a three-month paid placements at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

The Marjorie Deane Financial Journalism Foundation Scholarship – Closed June 1
Fully paid scholarship to study an MA in Financial Journalism at City University

Filmmakers Without Borders – Closed June 1
Support for both novice and independent filmmakers around the globe.

Grow FellowshipClosed June 16
Funding to attend the Global Investigative Journalism Conference for those working at non-profits.


Getty Women Photograph Grant – Closed July
$10,000 bursary and editorial guidance and mentoring for women and non-binary photographers.

Widening Media Diversity Scholarships – Closed July 24
Two scholarships funding an MA at City University for British Muslims, along with a paid placement at either The Sun or The Mirror.

Swansea University Creativity Fellowships – Closed July 30
£10,000 across 12-months for writers and other professional artists to work on a new project.

LEDE Solutions Journalism FellowshipClosed July 21
A grant of up to $2,500 dollars for journalists or organisations to run projects around solutions journalism.


DMU Channel 4 Investigative Journalism Scholarships – Closed August 30
Four fee waivers for the MA in investigative journalism, plus living assistance.

The Local Trust, Journalist at Large Fellowship – Closed August 13
A year-long fellowship collecting and creating compelling local stories, with a £36,000 stipend.


International Women’s Media Foundation – Closed September 5
A grant for women worldwide, covering educational opportunities, investigative reporting and media development initiatives.

World Press Photo Visual Solutions Journalism Initiative – Closed September 6
Up to $5,000 to commission a piece of visual solutions journalism photography.

Queer@Kings Activist in Residence – Closed September 10
£1,000 activism grant and year-long benefits for action helping the LGBT+ community in London.

Postgrad Solutions Bursaries – Closed September 14
£500 bursaries for those studying an MA course.

United Nations Correspondents Association Award – Closes September 15
Three categories to award the best of print, broadcast and climate change stories. Prizes amount to $60,000.

Winston Churchill Fellowships – Closed September 17
A funded four-eight-week trip abroad to inform a practical, society improving project at home. Money Trail Grant Programme – Closed September 24
Up to €50,000 to global teams investigating illicit finance.

European Union Media Freedom & Investigative Journalism Fund – Closes September 27
A €4,175,000 fund for projects in EU member states which are either a response to violations of media freedom; cross-border investigative journalism, or investigative journalism and media freedom in the EU.

Nieman Foundation Fellowships – Closed September 27
Short-term visiting fellowships for research to advance journalism, for up to 12 weeks. $1,350 per week and free housing.

n-ost Reporters in the Field Grant – Closed September 29
Up to €8,000 for teams investigating cross border stories in Europe.

European Commission Media Literacy for All 2019 – Closed September 30
A total of €500,000 to be split between three-five projects to combat disinformation.

Richard Beeston Bursaries 2019 – Closed September 30
A £6,000 grant for an aspiring British or UK-based correspondent to spend six-months abroad. A further scholarship is available for journalists in Israel, Palestine or Lebanon territories to spend six weeks at The Times, also given £6,000.. 

Write to End Violence Against Women Bursary – Closed September 30
A £450 bursary awarded to a new writer on the theme of violence against women.


Human Rights Watch Alan. R and Barbara. D Fellowship – Closed October 11
A year-long fellowship in New York or Washington covering human rights investigations. $60,000 dollars for the year. 

International Student Travel Video Competition – Closed October 15
Win up to $4,000 by submitting a video of a trip you’d like to take during your studies.

Hostwriter Collaborative Journalism Prizes – Closed October 31
Between €1,000-2,000 for collaborative and cross-border stories and pitches.

Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award – Closed October 31
A fully-funded place at the retreat from April 29 to May 3.

Online News Association Women’s Leadership Accelerator – Closes October 31
A free programme of training, with a number of travel stipends available


Sacred Writes bitch media Public Scholarships – Closed November 1
A three-month scholarship paying $2,000 to write four stories over three months.

The Alfa Fellowship Programme – Closed November 15
A opportunity to spend a year in Russia for 25-35-year-old professionals. Language classes and regional excursions are included, as well as accommodation and stipends. 

The Rockefeller Foundation – Closes November 15
Four week residency in Italy for projects which address issues that affect poor and vulnerable populations.

Hertfordshire Museums A Space To Be… – Closes November 25
Call for artists and writers to work on a project about well-being for young people.

World Nomads Travel Photography Scholarship – Closed November 27
Win a 10-day mentored trip to Mongolia with Richard I’Anson