Your Period Can Actually Change The Way You Experience Illness

September 2018

Your period can change the way you experience illness, so why don’t scientists take it seriously?

report out this week shows that periods have a significant impact on a person’s experience of disease, drastically affecting the severity of their symptoms.

The authors of the report, entitled also called for scientific research to focus more on female hormones saying: “Both female health and autoimmune health are vastly under-researched, and even less is known about how menstrual cycles play into autoimmune diseases.”

The fact that the prescription drugs are not tested on women is surprisingly little-known despite being the norm. But in cases where researchers have looked into the effects of disease and drugs on menstruating animals, they have discovered startling differences.

I will talk to the report’s authors about their findings why the hormonal cycle has been disregarded, what this means for women’s health, and what needs to change and write this up as a news feature.