I've Made More Authentic Friends During The Pandemic Than Ever Before

December 2020
Hey X,

I’m back in your inbox with a timely idea for Refinery29, perfect for the relationships vertical!
The Pitch
2020 has both shaken the foundations of our social fabric, hard, and acted as catalyst for many newfound connections: through the great number of online communities that have proliferated in the space left empty by face-to-face hangouts, we might have hit the nail on the head on what friendships will look like more and more going forward.
Heading into lockdown #2, I realised I’ve made more new (authentic!) friends this year than I had in a very long time -industry Zooms, Slacks, game nights, Twitter call threads, quarantine newsletters… they’ve all helped me meet people I can have genuine, honest conversations with and plan to meet up with as soon as it will be safe again. I’d love to write about it in the form of a personal essay for Refinery29 -what do you think?
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I am a freelance writer with bylines in Teen Vogue, Glamour UK, MTV, Thought Catalog, The Financial Diet and more, covering everything from relationships and lifestyle to cultural commentary and identity. 
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