Meet The Women In A Hijab Making History

April 2021

Hello I’m a journalist in London and would like to pitch the following story to Glamour:

Meet the women making the hijab “visible”

I read your recent story ( and thought you might be interested in this idea.

WHAT: I’d like to write about the following women, all of whom wear the hijab, and their achievements, to make a point that the garment doesn’t hold women back from being who they want to be.

WHO: The women I’d like to feature are:

  • Raffia Arshad – UK’s first hijabi judge
  • Zeena Ali – New Zealand’s first hijabi police officer
  • Fatima Manji – first hijabi news presenter in Britain
  • Bliqis Abdul Qaadir – first hijabi player in NCAA Division I basketball
  • Zahra Lari – Hijabi professional figure skater
  • Mariah Idrissi – Hijabi model
  • Yuna – Hijabi Malaysian singer-songwirter
  • Nura Afia – First hijabi brand ambassador of CoverGirl

I have put this list together because they reflect a variety of geographies, ethnicities and occupations, in a space where their presence is unexpected.

WHY: Given current events, there’s plenty of talk about the hijab at the moment. Also, Ramadan has begun around the world which is often a time for Muslims to explore their religious identity more deeply. You can find some of my previously published work here. Please let me know if I can send any further information. I look forward to hearing from you.