How To Get Employers To Target You On Social Media

October 2018


I hope you’re well! This all looks really exciting, and I’ve been having a think about potential pitches while I was on holiday (I was in a pod in the middle of the countryside, it was glorious). Anyway, I thought I’d pitch this for you this month, let me know if it’s of interest ?

If grad employers are targeting people on social media – How do you make sure they target you?

We often hear about keeping our social media ‘professional’ in case recruiters go snooping (something I’ve previously written for Debut about, in fact) but is simply keeping things PG enough anymore? Perhaps not, as a new survey by the Knowledge Academy has found that 63% of graduate employers have upped the number of social media promotions they’ve run in the last year. This is something which often uses social media targeting – after all, they want their jobs to be seen by the right people. 

So how do you make sure the jobs you’re interested are being advertised to you? I’ll run through exactly how these tools work for employers on Twitter and Facebook – and what this means for your profile, as well as how to game LinkedIn to show you the jobs you’re into. I’ll get comment from a graduate recruiter, as well as use in-depth research into social media advertising to give readers a real insight into an under explored topic. 

There could also be a question within the piece surrounding whether universities or sixth forms are doing enough in terms of careers advice in a changing world. I did this small thread last week which caused a bit of a storm, so could also be worth exploring, or could even make a piece of its own.

I’ve got a busy couple of weeks coming up, but should still be able to turn something around for you in a week or two, if you were interested in this one!
Look forward to hearing from you,