Four Years On, Grenfell's Delay in Justice Reveals UK Society's Systematic Failings

June 2021

Hello. I hope you’re well. I received your email that you’re looking for someone to write for the anniversary of the Grenfell fire.

I would like to write an article with the angle of how institutional racism and classism killed Grenfell tower’s residents. This is especially important to talk about since the recent conclusion from the race and ethnic disparities report that institutional racism in the U.K. doesn’t exist is like a slap in the face 4 years on from the devastating fire. We must recognise institutional racism to not only tackle inequalities but to save lives. Ignoring this fact will only perpetuate further inequality and harm.

Even after Grenfell, buildings with cladding similar to Grenfell Tower set on fire. Peoples human right to adequate housing is being violated. This is a point I intend to raise in my article.

The recent Nine Elms sky pool has also become a visible symbol of the housing inequality. Ballymore, the developer of the sky pool is also the owner and developer of a housing development called New Providence Wharf in Poplar, east London. Ballymore has managed to invest in a luxurious pool on one side of London but has failed for nearly four years to remove flammable cladding from buildings Ballymore owns with the reason being it’s “complicated”.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time. It’s much appreciated.