How Well Are Women Represented In Digital Journalism?

June 2020
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I wondered whether the following feature would be of interest.
Representation of women in digital journalism
The AOP Digital Publishing Awards has 33 judges overall; 17 are women. The Digital Editor of the Year 2018 and 2019 award on both occasions was presented to women, and the Rising Star award for both years were also presented to women. With recent promotions for women in digital positions (such as Janine Gibson at the Financial Times) and more women than men on a digital publishing judging panel, is digital becoming more female lead? Has there been a shift in the number of women working in digital? What does the future hold for women in digital?
For the piece, I have already interviewed Janine Gibson as well as Zoe Dickens, digital editor at The Gentleman’s Journal; Nina Goswami, Creative Diversity Lead at the BBC discussing the broadcaster’s 50:50 Project; Dr Alexandra Borchardt, senior research associate, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford; and Richard Reeves, managing director at the AOP.
Do you think this could work for InPublishing? For the format, I was thinking a classic intro referencing studies about women in journalism as a whole, due to the lack of stats focusing just on digital, then leading to a case study treatment. I also thought the inclusion of the AOP Digital Publishing Awards would be beneficial as InPublishing is a partner.
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