How Embracing My Natural Black Hair Has Shaped My Identity

January 2021

Dear [NAME],

I am a freelance writer with a niche in black hair and culture and published pieces in The Independent and The Voice newspaper. Examples of my work can be seen via my portfolio

I have a pitch that may be of interest to The Spill.

PITCH: How Culture Affects Your Identity

I’m not sure if you accept opinion pitches, but I have an idea to write about how black culture has impacted my identity and how I relate to the world. Black hair specifically, is something I am very passionate about and it holds a close relation to my identity, with it forming a niche in my freelance work.

I would like to write a piece sharing my experience with this and link it to in relation to living and growing up in the UK, the lack of representation with black people and black hair textures and how still my culture is still a huge part of my identity.

I look forward to hearing whether this pitch is of interest to you.

Kind Regards, Maxine Harrison