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We try to spread ourselves across the UK as much as possible, and are always available for talks, workshops, or panels. If you’d like us to come to you, let’s chat! We’re on

Upcoming Events

When: January 25
Where: News Associates, London
What: We’ll be offering one-to-one CV reviews at News Associates’ annual #JournoFest for everyone who is studying at the fast-track centre. Bring your CV, a pitch, or anything else you’d like our founder Jem Collins and design lead Jack Dearlove to take a look at.

Find out more about News Associates’ courses here.


Jem came to Queen Mary to do a freelancing masterclass and the students were more than happy listening to her advice and knowledge. She answered all questions and gave the students some self-belief that they can succeed with freelancing. We had 100% positive feedback and by the next day, two of our students were paid freelancers.

Christine Stokes, Student Activities Co-Ordinator


I’ve seen Jem give talks and present awards several times now, most notably at Student Publication Association Awards 2017. Jem is fun, engaging and understands the tone of an event (be it debauched or distinctly serious). I’d highly recommend as a host or a speaker at any event.

Richard Brooks, Former NUS Vice-President