We’re committed to holding and attending practical and accessible events across the UK and Republic of Ireland. Here’s our current line-up, but do get in touch if you think we’ve missed a trick!

Upcoming Events

When: October 8
Where: News Associates, London
What: An in-depth, practical, pitching workshop for News Associates learners from founder Jem Collins.

When: October 9
Where: Amnesty International UK, London
What: A panel discussion on changing the future of the media, followed by speed mentoring with women at the top of their game.

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When: October 10
Where: University of Southampton
What: An in-depth, hour and a half session, in association with Wessex Scene from founder Jem Collins. We’ll cover the basics of finding stories, digital journalism, job skills and pitching.

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When: October 26
 Sheffield Hallam University
Two in-depth workshops, a panel discussion, interactive art installations and more.

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Past Events

  • Journo Resources at Byline Festival (August 23-26)
  • How to Master Instagram, JR Masterclass (August 21)
  • How to Master Instagram, News Associates (August 19)
  • Getting Started as a Freelancer, Goldsmiths SU (June 24)
  • Social Media Skills, Women In Journalism, Academy Hotel (May 18)
  • Careers and CV Panel, City University (May 9)
  • CV Clinics, JournoFest, News Associates (March 16)
  • London Met University (March 12)
  • Women in Media Conference, Manchester, Pitching Workshop (March 3)
  • SPA Northern Conference, University of Sheffield, Pitching Workshop (February 16)
  • University of Leeds, Getting A Job In Journalism & CV Clinic (February 6)
  • University of Oxford, How To Get A Journalism Job (January 29)
  • Women in Media, London, CV Clinic & Reviews (January 28)
  • Journo Resources at The Telegraph: Journalism, Your First Three Years (November 21)
  • SPA Regional Conference, Exeter (17 November)
  • SPA Regional Conference, London (3 November)
  • Cardiff Journalism School, Jem Collins Appears On Employment Panel (23 October)
  • Epigram Training Talks, Jem Collins On Digital Journalism, Bristol (100 people, 20 September 2018)
  • Breaking Into The Media with Grace Dent & Farrah Storr, The Ambition Plan (Networking, 3 October 2018)
  • Amnesty Student Media Festival 2018, Stall and Careers Advice, London (31 August 2018)
  • Byline Festival 2018, Uckfield, Full Programme of Events (24-27 August 2018)
  • Women in Media Conference, Manchester, Freelancing Workshop and Harassment in the Media (3rd/4th March 2018)
  • London Metropolitan University, Panel, Reporting Crisis and Human Rights (7th March 2018)
  • Student Publication Association National Conference 2018, Cardiff, Talk and Panel (7-8th April 2018)
  • University of Oxford, Getting in Journalism, Panel (45 People, 31st January 2018)
  • Journo Resources Launch Party: Why We Need To Be Constructive About The Media (90 People, 1st February 2018)
  • Goldsmiths University Media Conference, Freelancing Workshop (25 People, 3rd February 2018)
  • Petroc College Annual Awards Ceremony, Guest Speaker and Awards Presentation (250 people, 5th January 2018)
  • SPA Regional Conference, Exeter, Freelancing Workshop (30 People, 24th November 2017)
  • SPA Regional Conference, London, Freelancing Workshop (30 people, 18th November 2017)
  • Byline Festival 2017, Breaking Into Journalism Workshop (25 People, 3rd June 2017)


Jem came to Queen Mary to do a freelancing masterclass and the students were more than happy listening to her advice and knowledge. She answered all questions and gave the students some self-belief that they can succeed with freelancing. We had 100% positive feedback and by the next day, two ofour students were paid freelancers.

Christine Stokes, Student Activities Co-Ordinator


I’ve seen Jem give talks and present awards several times now, most notably at Student Publication Association Awards 2017. Jem is fun, engaging and understands the tone of an event (be it debauched or distinctly serious). I’d highly recommend as a host or a speaker at any event.

Richard Brooks, Former NUS Vice-President