Freelance Journalist Specialising In Accountancy, Available On Application

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Location: Remote Working
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We are looking for a journalist or accountancy student with a passion for writing, to work on a freelance basis, creating articles that will aid accountants and those studying accountancy in understanding specific terms and laws.

We want to provide reading that explains the processes that accountants will need to do in order to sufficiently and confidently carry out their jobs. We will be looking to begin by creating 5-10 of these articles initially, to sit on the website platform, and thereafter release one of these sorts of articles once every 3 or 4 weeks.

These articles will not need to be incredibly complex, in fact we are looking for articles that clearly explain and help people learn without being overly convoluted. We want to be a tool for people who need complicated ideas simplified, so we can aid people in learning and make people’s jobs feel easier. We want people to come back to our website because they trust we make complex ideas easy to understand.

We will also need to have articles that are written for specific laws that come into place that will affect the way accountants work and will increase or change the workload for a short or long period of time, we want to be at the forefront of bringing understanding to accountants and also the public on new laws coming up. Previous examples of this would have been The Companies Act 2006, GDPR etc. With these sort of On-The-Pulse articles; we will be requesting as and when we receive word from our contacts that something is coming.

In brief, this job breaks into three sections:

  1. We are looking for an initial 5-10 ‘Knowledge Base’ articles (with a reading time of 5-8 minutes) to be written over a period of 4-8 weeks (the sooner the better but part of the benefit we want to give to this role is flexibility, so you can fit this around other jobs or study).
  2. Thereafter we will then be looking for one of these ‘Knowledge Base’ articles to be written every 3-4 weeks until we have a large bank of knowledge.
  3. ‘On-The-Pulse’ articles will need to be provided when laws come in, for these articles we will need to react quickly and be one of the first to produce something, however this sort of article will only happen, at an educated guess, perhaps once or twice a year.

Please submit a short covering note and some relevant clippings to Please mention Journo Resources when applying.

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