Journalism CV Library

Pretty much every journalism job wants to you hand in a CV as part of your application, but what should a good journalism CV look like? We all know the basics – make sure it’s personalised, keep it to one page, use bullet points. But the reality is every CV for every person and every job will look different. So where can you turn for inspiration? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Our journalism CV library brings together successful examples of journalism CVs from across the industry, shared with us by wonderful people like you. Every CV here has been successful in either getting someone to interview stage or snagging them the job, and our team has hand-crafted analysis as to why we think they worked so well.

Want to help out and give back? Submit your own successful CV examples here (we’re happy to do the anonymising for you).

Successful CVs

  • InterviewJob OfferStarting Out Jobs
    May 2021
  • InterviewJob OfferStarting Out Jobs
    October 2018
  • InterviewJob OfferNext Step Jobs
    January 2017
  • InterviewNext Step Jobs
    May 2016