Camille – France24

October 2018
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This CV is a great example of how important your experience is in comparison to your education. Camille’s CV – which landed her a job at France24 – devotes all of its time talking about her work experience, with just a small section highlighting her education. Even then, it just shows her MA in TV Journalism.

Under each piece of work experience this CV makes sure to list specific examples, such as shoots undertaken and what happened on them, and also includes statistics and outputs. The CV also includes some of her most recent work right at the top, with links to view.

It’s also worth noting how specific the skills are on this CV – rather than just saying self-shooting, it talks about the specific types of cameras used, and rather than just video editing, it highlights the specific programmes. I always call this the ‘Microsoft Office’ example – everyone knows you can use Microsoft Office if that’s how you’ve sent them your CV. Instead, give detailed skills and experiences.