It’s the dreaded question – how much are you expecting for this role? With so many salaries listed as ‘dependent on experience’ or ‘competitive’, it’s difficult to know what to expect or how to negotiate.

Here at Journo Resources we’re bored of this secretive nonsense. In March 2018 we started releasing anonymised lists of salary data to help give you a sense of how much you should be paid for your work and asking for.

Want to help us out? Give us your details here. We promise not to share them with anyone and the results with be anonymised into job categories such as ‘Social Producer, National Outlet’. We’re also working with a number of job sites to gather more data. You can check out our full data and privacy policy here.

Any questions? Drop us a line on!

The Salaries and Data

We’ve broken jobs down into various types within the industry. Some of these categories are broader than we’d like right now, but we’ll add more as soon as we get more data.

Jobs marked with SB have been submitted by a member, hence why they are anonymised. Jobs marked with JA are from a job advert which is publically available. Those denoted with an asterisk have been translated from an hourly wage. To keep this data current and useful, we’ll only include salaries from the last five years.


Outside London


Internship, London

Apprenticeship, London

Editorial Assistant (Includes Variations), London

Junior Journalist, Specialist Publication, London

Trainee or Graduate Scheme, London

Reporter, National Outlet, London

Features Writer, National Outlet, London

Reporter, Specialist or Trade, London

Social Media Producer, Assistant, Journalist, London

Politics Reporter, National Outlet, London

Sub Editor or Producion Staff, London

Producer, National Broadcaster, London

Broadcast Journalist, National Broadcaster, London

Video Producer, Assistant, ResearcherNational Outlet, London

Video Producer, Specialist Outlet, London

Assistant Editor, National Outlet, London

Section Editor (eg. News, Online), Specialist Publication, London

Outside of London

Trainee or Junior Journalist, Regional and Local Press (no NCTJ) Not London

Trainee or Junior Journalist, Regional and Local Press (with NCTJ) Not London

Reporter and Feature Writers, News Agency, Outside London

Broadcast Journalist, National Broadcaster, Not London

Senior Reporter, Local and Regional Press, Outside London

Section Editor (eg. News, Online etc), Specialist Outlet, Not London

Local Democracy Reporter, Not London