Journalism Salaries – Help Your Peers By Submitting Your Salary

First things first, thank you for thinking about submitting a salary to our salaries page! This whole resources is about stopping salary secrecy and making sure we all get paid fairly for our work.

Submitting a salary to us is simple easy, and secure and means you’re helping your peers get a better deal for their work too. You can read our whole privacy and data policy here, but in short:

  • We do not use the information you submit for any other purpose than updating the salaries page,
  • We only ask for your name and email address in case there’s a problem. You won’t hear from us for any other reason and you won’t be added to any mailing lists,
  • We’ll never publish your name or your email address. Ever.

Finally, if you’d like, we can anonymous the company you work for. If you do feel able to let us list the company publicly, we’d urge you to do so as this creates better transparency all round, but we do understand this isn’t always possible for everyone. Thanks again for your support.