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June 12, 2023 (Updated )

Journo Resources is delighted to formally launch our new institution membership scheme, ahead of the 2023/24 academic year. Designed to help those breaking into the journalism industry grow their employability and confidence, it allows universities and short-course providers to access member resources at a reduced rate, as well as bolster their own course marketing.

As one of the UK’s leading online resources for journalists, we’re experts at creating resources that actually help journalists, with tens of thousands of people using our tools every single week.

Students on signed-up courses will be able to access all of our online masterclasses and workshops, our members’ community forum, and get free licenses for our brand-new JR Transcribe software. Other benefits include bespoke training sessions for each course, twice-weekly online co-working, and copies of our annual workbook/magazine.

Course providers will also be able to display an accreditation badge on their own marketing, as well as get discounts on our marketing and promotion services.

“We’re Really Proud Of The Offering”

Jem Collins, director of Journo Resources, says: “Over the past few years we’ve had a lot of inquiries from universities about how they could set up memberships for their students — but we’ve always wanted to take our time and make sure we developed a membership structure that would be of real benefit to those breaking into the industry.

“We’re really proud of the offering we’ve put together — we’re focused on helping everyone to build community and connections, as well as key journalism skills for a changing media landscape.”

To discuss institution membership at your organisation email — you can also see our full brochure here.

Institution Membership — What’s Included?

With prices starting at just £2,000pa, all students on JR member courses will receive access to:

Our Back Catalogue: Instant access to hundreds of workshops from a diverse range of industry leaders, covering everything from pitching to TikTok;

Unlimited Live Tickets: Free tickets to join our live sessions, run at least twice a month. In addition to industry-leading training, you’ll also get a chance to network and build industry connections;

JR Transcribe: All students and staff can get a free licence for our transcription package JR Transcribe, currently running on iOS. Future launches will also be included;

Bespoke Training Sessions: Two bespoke sessions delivered directly to your students by a member of our expert in-house team;

Course Accreditation: Show your membership badge on your course marketing — as well as on our membership list onsite;

Community Forum: Join our exclusive online forum where you can instantly ask questions to journalism experts at any time and build your network;

Co-Working Sessions: Unlimited tickets to our co-working sessions, run twice a week by our expert team who will help you to get stuff done;

Annual Workbook Bundle: Receive five copies of our annual print magazine workbook, delivered directly to your department;

Big Discounts On Other Services: Get five percent off our standard marketing services and 10 percent off our bespoke services.

Jack Dearlove
Jack Dearlove

Jack Dearlove joined the Journo Resources team in 2018, and primarily helps with design and development work. He also became a director in 2023 and alongside our founder Jem, he works on long-term strategy.

Outside of Journo Resources, he works as Digital Engagement Lead at The LEGO Group, and makes Tubemoji, an app which combines emoji with getting around the London Underground.

He previously worked at The Sun, London Evening Standard,, and BBC local radio.