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July 3, 2024 (Updated )

Journo Resources educational membership is the perfect companion to any journalism course that wants its students to succeed. It’s a budget-saving solution to bespoke career support that’s available to all of your students, all of the time.

As the UK’s leading journalism advice resource, we’re experts in the industry and dedicate our careers to helping people across their journalism careers. A Journo Resources educational membership offers bespoke sessions outside your core course programming, a wealth of industry speakers, and one-to-one advice from our experts.

Your students also get access to our ever-growing suite of software and tools. JR Transcribe is our privacy-focused unlimited transcription software, available on MacOS. The Freelance Hub, launching in November, helps students pitch, manage, and book freelance work. Our weekly co-working sessions help them power through to get work done.

Put together, it’s a rich package to help your students supercharge their careers and help boost your course marketing. Our educational membership is a simple, all-in-one package; for one annual fee, every student and staff member gets a licence and can access all our resources. It’s easy to manage too; students can self-register with their university email addresses or we can help you add students yourself, in a simple dashboard.

What’s Included In Journo Resources Educational Membership?


Journo Resources educational membership is packed full of features designed to complement and support your curriculum, saving you time and budget and helping your students get ahead. For one flat fee, all of your students and staff get access to the following:

  • Live Workshops: Hear from a diverse roster of expert guest speakers at least twice a month; previous speakers have come from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, gal-dem, Insider, The Guardian, and more. We focus on areas you might not be able to tackle in your courses; for example the practicalities of freelancing, digging into the data behind our jobs board, and specialist sessions on everything from music and games journalism to usage of AI tools in journalism. Live sessions run at least twice every month.
  • On-Demand Library: Missed a session? Need to gen up ahead of an assignment? It’s no problem with instant, 24/7 access to hundreds of courses, workshops, and masterclasses. You’ll find every workshop we’ve ever run for the past four years.
  • JR Transcribe: Currently running on MacOS, we’ll provide all your students and staff with access to our transcription software. Offering unlimited transcription capability, it’s also built for privacy first; transcriptions never leave your own device.
  • JR Freelance Hub: Launching in November 2024, JR Freelance Hub is our new software solution to empower your students to start freelancing and earning. The virtual office helps organise ideas, send pitches, and track invoices, with helpful prompts to help you land more pitches and get paid on time. It also integrates with our rates databases, pitch library and other tools.
  • Yearbook Bundles: Our annual Yearbook is the perfect companion for every journalist, packed with inspiration, exercises, and tools for the year ahead. You’ll get five physical copies for your library and we’ll also send a free digital download to everyone.
  • Online Expert Community: Join a moderated network of more than 100 working journalists, helping your students grow their contacts and ask questions at any time; our expert team reply seven days a week.
  • Virtual Co-Working: Help your students get stuff done. Join our weekly moderated sessions to help them power through assignments and achieve their goals.
  • Jobs & Opportunities: Entry-level jobs, freelance call-outs, and other awards and opportunities sent directly to your students every single Tuesday.
  • Course Accreditation & Marketing: Show your commitment to prospective students with our formal accreditation badge you can use on your own promotional materials. You’ll also get a 10 per cent discount on any of our marketing services.

How Much Does Journo Resources Educational Membership Cost?

Journo Resources educational membership keeps things simple; you’ll just pay one flat fee and all of your staff and students, subject to a fair usage limit of 1,000 licences. If you think you might go over this, just let us know.

For everyone else, the 2024/25 rate is £2,120+VAT. This includes a full 12 months of access from whenever you sign up, all the benefits above, and a dedicated account manager to get things up and running smoothly. We’ll also be able to provide you with communications templates such as flyers, emails, social posts, and much more.

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