The Journo Resources Book Club

Journalists deal with words for a living. It only makes sense for journos to consume words as much as they produce them.

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Books — whether they be fiction or nonfiction — expose the reader to different perspectives, cultures, people, and worlds. Isn’t exploring and representing different points of view the very basis of journalism?

With the stressors and demands of modern living, it’s difficult to make time for a consistent reading habit. But seeing as this is a passion hobby that can double up as self-improvement and career training, we think it’s an activity well worth getting into properly.

Join the Journo Resources Book Club as we pick books to read and discuss together each month! Sign up as a Tea and Cake member for exclusive extra content and a place on our Discord to discuss all things bookish.

Currently Reading

all the lovers in the night by mieko kawakami deer man by geoffroy delorme

June 2023

Fiction: All The Lovers In The Night by Mieko Kawakami

Fuyuko Irie is a freelance copy editor leading a stable but spiritless life. A chance encounter with a man named Mitsutsuka spurs her on to widen her horizons and change her life, but with Fuyuko’s expanding world view comes the resurfacing of her painful past. What will it take to bring down the walls around her lonely existence?

If you’re a fan of Banana Yoshimoto, Haruki Murakami, and Sayaka Murata, or if you’ve already read Kawakami’s previous novel Breasts and Eggs, you won’t want to miss this one.

Non-fiction: Deer Man by Geoffroy Delorme

Never feeling like he truly belonged, Derlome comes across a deer one night and make the biggest decision of his life — he follows it. This is how he ends up leaving behind the trappings of modern society and spends seven years living with roe deer in the forests of France.

In sparse prose, Delorme recounts the experience in this book, witnessing births, fights, deaths, and forging relationships with nature that the average 21st-century human can only dream of. Definitely one for fans of travel and nature writing, though very different to other titles in the category.

Here’s How It Works

At the beginning of every month, we will announce one fiction AND one non-fiction title for the JR Book Club, along with reasons why they are the month’s picks, and how they relate to journalism. We recommend reading them both with us, but you can just choose one if you like.

We will all read until the middle of the month, and then start discussions on our dedicated Discord channel. Don’t feel too pressured to finish both books within two weeks — you can still read at your own pace as we chat.

You’re highly encouraged to post your JR reading journey on social media. Just don’t forget to use the #JRBookClub hashtag so we can find you!

JR Members Exclusive Perks

Our book picks will be available for all to see, but JR members will also be able to access our book club-specific Discord channel, where we will discuss each title, share our reading progress, keep each other accountable on the reading journey, and chat all things bookish!

We will also send out monthly Book Club recaps straight to your inbox, so you can reflect on your own reading experience.

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Occasionally, we will also do book giveaways for book club members, so look out closely for those announcements on our socials and newsletters.

Themes & Genres

The clue’s in the name: the Journo Resources Book Club will mainly focus on journalism-related titles!

This could be

  • Books where the main character is a writer;
  • Books largely set in newsrooms, magazines, or publications;
  • Memoirs of life as a reporter or foreign correspondent;
  • Books with practical advice on storytelling, writing, or interviewing;
  • Books that explore the role of writing in preserving heritage and culture; or
  • Books written by journalists who have branched out into writing novels

As writers and journalists, it is so important for us to read widely and be open to a wide range of perspectives that may challenge your own views.

We hope the JR book club can introduce you to new worlds and points of view, and ultimately help you to write better. Read with us and sign up to our Tea and Cake membership now!

Past Book Club Picks

May 2023

Fiction: Single Bald Female by Laura Price

Non-fiction: Your Story Matters by Nikesh Shukla

April 2023

Fiction: In A New York Minute by Kate Spencer

Non-fiction: Black Box by Shiori Ito

February 2023

Fiction: Briefly, A Delicious Life by Nell Stevens

Non-fiction: The Journalist’s Handbook by Kim Fletcher

January 2023

Fiction: Strange Beasts of China by Yan Ge

Non-fiction: Propaganda Blitz: How The Corporate Media Distort Reality by David Edwards and David Cromwell

December 2022

Fiction: The Club by Ellery Lloyd

Non-fiction: The Way of the Fearless Writer by Beth Kempton

November 2022

Fiction: My Turn To Make The Tea by Monica Dickens

Non-fiction: What Have You Left Behind? by Bushra al-Maqtari

October 2022

Fiction: Our Missing Hearts  by Celeste Ng

Non-fiction: Biracial Britain: What It Means To Be Mixed Race by Remi Adekoya