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April 15, 2019 (Updated )

If you’ve worked in a newsroom before you’ve probably noticed it’s not exactly the most diverse place in the world. Comments such as “I just don’t know a bisexual woman of colour I can ask” or “I’ve never met a trans person,” have flown around in offices we’ve worked in.

Being an out LGBT+ journalist can also come with the pressure of being a one-stop-guide for editors who have questions about all things queer and trans. Whereas we know each LGBT+ person has unique and valid experiences, that clearly can’t be summed up by one person.

So, in an effort to diversify coverage and give editors a place to find the perfect person for their projects, we’ve compiled a list of the very best LGBT+ journalists and filmmakers.

In no particular order, below there are more than 70 different queer and trans people who are writers, filmmakers, speakers, commissioning editors, and experts on everything LGBT, from mental health to the criminal justice system.

However, it would be impossible to compile absolutely everyone on our first go – so please get in touch with all of your information if we’ve missed you off the list.

1. Amy Ashenden

The Evening Standard’s first LGBT+ correspondent, Amy has worked in newsrooms, including the BBC and Mirror Online, working on video-led stories. Now head of video and Instagram at PinkNews, Amy is available to speak on diversity and inclusion, digital storytelling, social media, video and growing audiences.

Contact: | Twitter: @AmyAshenden | Pronouns: She/Her

2. Ella Braidwood

Ella Braidwood is a freelance journalist specialising in LGBTQ+ rights, queer culture, social issues, and feminism. Previously a news reporter at PinkNews, Ella regularly covered the discrimination faced by trans people in the UK and has interviewed celebrities such as Rose McGowan and Rupert Everett.

Ella has also written for the Independent, VICE, DIVA Magazine, Metro and more. She’s available for feature commissions and news shifts. She can speak on topics such as the representation of queer women, LGBTQ+ mental health, and being a trans ally. Her portfolio can be found here

Contact: | Twitter: @ellabraidwood | Pronouns: She/Her

Amy Ashenden speaking at News Associates
Amy Ashenden (M) speaking at #JournoFest earlier in 2019. Image Credit: News Associates

3. Paisley Gilmour

An NCTJ-trained journalist, Paisley has experience in news and features for national newspapers and women’s magazines. Currently heading up the Love section of Cosmopolitan UK, she launched the site’s first LGBTQ+ collection last year.

Paisley covers/commissions everything from travel to sex tips and she’s also interested in speaking gigs and writing commissions about anything sex, pleasure, sex-positivity, relationships, and sexual health. Paisley welcomes pitches from LGBTQ+ writers on all topics.

Contact: | Twitter: @paisleyrgilmour | Pronouns: She/Her

4. Jamie Windust

Jamie Windust is founding Editor in Chief of magazine FRUITCAKE and a freelance writer, speaker and activist. As a non-binary person, they write about non-binary lived experience and activism. They are also interested in covering topics such as allyship, dating, sex and relationships.

They’ve written for DAZED, The Independent, i News & more. Jamie completed a UK university speaking tour for LGBTQ+ History Month and is available to speak on topics covering non-binary life. They are also available for consultancy on trans-inclusivity in the media.

Contact: | Twitter: @fabjamiefab | Pronouns: They/Them

5. Tanya Compas

Tanya Compas is an award-winning youth worker, currently working at the LGBTQ+ charity Albert Kennedy Trust as a caseworker along with working as a Youth Engagement Officer at UK Black Pride. Outside of youth work,

Tanya is available for work as a freelance writer and speaker, and is passionate about LGBTQ+ issues, specialising in youth work & young people, sex & relationships, race and gender.

Contact: | Twitter: @TanyaCompas | Pronouns: She/Her

6. Hannah Ewens

Hannah Ewens is Features Editor at VICE UK and was previously a staff writer at DAZED Magazine. Hannah identifies as a bi/pan-sexual woman and has a background in writing, editing, conducting live interviews, speaking on panels and presenting on-camera.

She is interested in writing commissions and speaking at events. Topics she is most interested in are bi/pansexuality, sexual fluidity, culture, and mental health.

Contact: | Twitter: @hannahrosewens | Pronouns: She/Her

7. Catherine Bouris

Catherine Bouris is a freelance writer from Australia who’s recently moved to London. Catherine has written for the Sydney Morning Herald, the Saturday Paper, Overland Literary Journal, PopSugar and more.

Catherine identifies as a lesbian and her specialist areas are feminism, LGBT issues, body issues, disability issues, and culture and entertainment. Catherine is available for ongoing shift work and commissions. Her portfolio can be found here.

Contact: | Twitter: @catherinebourisPronouns: She/Her

Jamie Windust speaking for Skinnydip London HATE SUCKS Pride event. (Image Credit: Jamie Windust)

8. Franki Cookney

Franki Cookney is a freelance journalist with more than a decade of experience across print and digital. She started her career as a reporter/features writer at The Sunday Mirror and has since written for The Guardian, Observer, The Indy, WIRED, The Sun and more.

Franki identifies as a polyamorous bisexual woman. She specialises in human interest and lifestyle features with a particular focus on sex and relationships, global gender politics, and social development. She has covered everything from reproductive rights, HIV and dental dams, to porn, consent, and polyamory. She also produces and hosts the sex and gender politics podcast The Second Circle. To view Franki’s work visit her website. 

Contact: | Twitter: @FrankiCookney | Pronouns: She/Her

9. Rachel Savage

Rachel Savage is a reporter with Thomson Reuters Foundation and its dedicated LGBT+ site Openly, which is focused on LGBT+ issues around the world, from legal rights to healthcare, business and religion.

Previously she worked in East and West Africa for The Economist. Her work has also appeared in The Guardian, The Independent and the Financial Times, among others. She is available for speaking opportunities.

Contact: | Twitter: @rachelmsavage | Pronouns: She/Her

10. Hugo Greenhalgh

Hugo Greenhalgh is the LGBT+ editor of Thomson Reuters Foundation and editor of its dedicated LGBT+ news site Openly, focusing on issues from legal rights to healthcare, business, and religion around the world.

Previously he worked at the Financial Times for 11 years, in numerous positions, including the editor of FT Wealth magazine, wealth correspondent and an editor on the comment desk. He is open to pitches from freelancers and is available for speaking opportunities.

Contact: | Twitter: @hugo_greenhalgh | Pronouns: He/Him

11. Nick Levine

Nick Levine is a writer, editor, and journalist from London. He writes about music, pop culture and LGBTQ+ issues for publications including Gay Times, Refinery29, i-D, NME, Time Out and Vice, and has interviewed the likes of Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, and Britney Spears.

Nick is especially interested in feature commissions on LGBTQ+ nightlife, LGBTQ+ community groups and the intersection of LGBTQ+ life and pop culture. He is available to speak on topical pop culture issues and life as an LGBTQ+ person.

Contact: | Twitter:  @mrnicklevine | Pronouns: He/Him

12. Jamie Wareham

Jamie Wareham is an experienced journalist, podcaster, video producer and audience development consultant. Jamie specialises in young voices, LGBT+ rights, making technology more human, hidden disabilities, and mental health.

Previously he’s developed an investigative series on chemsex, ‘ultra-conservative’ extremist groups, and with sexual assault survivors. Jamie hosts the #QueerAF podcast and commissions students to produce LGBT+ stories. He’s currently Head of Broadcast at Gay Star News.

Contact: | Twitter: @jamie_wareham | Pronouns: He/Him

Nick writes about popc culture, music and LGBT+ issues. Image Credit: Nick Levine / Instagram

13. Abi McIntosh

Abi McIntosh is a podcast presenter and producer at LGBT+ publication PinkNews. She has covered music, pop culture, race, and the LGBT+ community for publications including gal dem, BuzzFeed, and Boiler Room.

She’s available for commissions, events and speaking on panels. Abi is available to discuss racism within the LGBT+ community and LGBT+ pop culture. She’s also interested in lesbian visibility and the representation of queer people on TV and film.

Contact: | Twitter: @abimci | Pronouns: She/Her

14. Sharan Dhaliwal

Sharan Dhaliwal is editor in chief of Burnt Roti magazine, a platform created to give South Asians a voice while breaking stigmas around mental and sexual health. She has written for Guardian, Broadly and i-D magazine primarily on topics about cultural and sexual identity.

Named as an LGBTQ+ trailblazer from The Dots, Sharan’s appeared on BBC News, BBC Global, Victoria Derbyshire and BBC Breakfast. She’s available for newspaper reviews, panel discussions and speaking about South Asian representation, bisexuality, mental health, and gender identity. Her work can be found here.

Contact: | Twitter: @peatreebojangle | Pronouns: She/Her.

15. Jane Fae

Jane Fae is a feminist, journalist, campaigner on political and sexual liberty. In between times, she can be found amusing audiences with her alternative stand-up routine: Tranz Rantz. Fae has written extensively for national media, including the Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail and Independent, as well as LGBT+ publications.

Her recent work has focused on the operation of the law and how impacts on LGBT+ and other minority groups. She writes extensively about censorship, as well as violence against women and is involved in developing policies to combat social media abuse.

Her most recent book, Transition Denied, looks at the life and untimely death of a young trans woman failed by the system. Her previous book, Taming the Beast, is a comprehensive look at the history of the regulation of online “smut”: a work that has since been widely cited in academic research on the topic.

Contact: | Twitter: @JaneFae | Pronouns: She/Her/Elf Princess

Abi is a writer, podcast producer and presenter. (Image Credit: Abi McIntosh)

16. Rachael Davies

Rachael Davies is currently an editor for Make Muse, a site dedicated to inspiring young women. She is also studying towards her MA in Convergent Journalism at HMKW Berlin.

She specialises in how sexuality intersects with feminism, as well as femininity and sexuality in marketing. She is available for commissions on these topics.

Contact: | Twitter: @rachdaviesetc | Pronouns: She/Her

17. Molly Fleming

Molly Fleming is a writer and activist who covers migration, LGBTQ+ issues such as queer homelessness, media, marketing, and social politics. She has written for The Times, Independent and DAZED Magazine.

Molly is a member of activist group Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants and is a volunteer for LGBTQI+ homeless shelter, The Outside Project. She is also available for panel and speaking events.

Contact: | Twitter: @mollykathleenv | Pronouns: She/Her

18. Helen Meriel Thomas

Helen Meriel Thomas is a bisexual journalist and social editor with a background in writing dating & relationship, music, and gender politics pieces.

She’s interested in issues such as bisexual erasure and sexual wellness. She has news, opinion, profile and feature bylines in VICE, (where she is social editor), NME and the New Statesman.

Contact: | Twitter: @IAmHelenThomas | Pronouns: She/Her

19. Lucy Knight

Winner of the 2019 Hugo Young Award for political opinion writing, Lucy Knight is a freelance journalist about to complete a Masters at City University. Her award-winning piece was titled “Being a gay Christian can be hurtful and gruelling. But I refuse to lose faith.” Lucy is available to cover topics such as being LGBT+ and Christian, religion and topics within arts and culture (particularly theatre).

Contact: | Twitter: @raucousguffaw | Pronouns: She/Her

Sharan Dhaliwal is the founder of Burnt Roti and appears on panels and TV. Image Credit: Saima Khalid

20. Joanna Whitehead

Joanna Whitehead is a freelance journalist with a focus on LGBTQ+ lives, women, travel, culture and the criminal justice system. A regular contributor to The Independent, DIVA magazine, The iPaper and Evening Standard, Joanna is interested in commissions related to the above topics.

From 2014-2017 she was the music editor of the feminist site The F-Word, and was the site’s rotating editor for a year following this. Prior to focusing on writing full-time, Joanna worked in the criminal justice system with victims of sexual and violent crime and she has specialist skills, knowledge and experience in the sector.

Contact: | Twitter: @MsWhitehead100 | Pronouns: She/Her

21. Fox Fisher

Fox Fisher is a writer, filmmaker, and campaigner for trans equality. After taking part in C4’s My Transsexual Summer in 2011, Fox co-created the My Genderation project, which celebrates trans lives and experiences on film. Fox is an advisor to All About Trans, facilitating interactions with the mainstream media, including BBC, The Daily Mail, The Sun & The Observer, to discuss the representation of trans people in media. Fox has appeared on television shows such as Good Morning Britain, This Morning, Victoria Derbyshire and more.

Fox is open to film, illustration and article commissions as well as panel discussions, keynote speeches, and trans awareness training. Their websites can be found here and here.

Contact: | Twitter: @theFoxFisher | Pronouns: They/Them

22. Juno Roche

Juno Roche is a writer and author. They have written ‘Queer Sex’ which was published last year and they are currently working on ‘Trans Power’, which will be out October 2019. Juno is a specialist across HIV and addiction, particularly in relation to trans lives, as they have been HIV positive for 26 years.

Juno also writes for the iPaper, Independent, Refinery29, i-D, Vice and many more. They are also interested in gender, gender equality, trans lives, sex, sexuality feminism, and lifestyle. They are available to speak on podcasts, panel discussions, to perform keynote speeches, and radio interviews.

Contact: | Twitter: @JustJuno1 | Pronouns: They/Them

Juno’s second book will be out later this year (Image Credit: Juno Roche)

23. Yusuf Tamanna

Yusuf Tamanna is a freelance multimedia journalist based in London. He focuses on music, pop culture, celebrity stories as well as LGBTQ+ issues.

He has written for VICE, Noisey, The Independent, and i-D. Yusuf is open to receiving commissions on a wide range of topics.

Contact: | Twitter: @colouroffensive  | Pronouns: He/Him

24. Ollie Cole

Ollie Cole is a queer freelance broadcaster, journalist and photographer. He mostly works in radio, with clients including talkSPORT, talkRADIO and Virgin Radio UK.

Ollie also writes for The Stage, Secret London, RightsInfo, and more. He is signed to Alamy and Shutterstock as a photojournalist. Ollie is available for news radio commissions, as well as news writing, editing, and photography.

Contact: | Twitter: @ProducerOllie | Pronouns: He/Him

25. Jason Okundaye

Jason Okundaye is a freelance writer and recent BA Human, Social and Political Science graduate from Cambridge University.

He’s been published in Dazed, The Guardian, Vice, Indy Voices and Broadly covering topics from Netflix’s Sex Education, to Drag Kings, or HIV prevention.

Twitter: @jasebyjason | Pronouns: He/Him

Jason has bylines for various national titles. Image Credit: Jason Okundaye

26. Cydney Yeates

Cydney Yeates is an entertainment reporter at and previously a columnist for DIVA Magazine. She previously worked for the Daily Star Online covering entertainment and has written about pop culture and relationships.

Cydney is available for commissions on lesbian issues relating to entertainment (television & showbiz) and is also able to cover issues of race and people of colour.

Contact: | Twitter: @cydneyyeates | Pronouns: She/Her

27. Nic Crosara

Nic Crosara is a gender fluid, mixed race journalist from Bath. They write about culture, identity and social issues. They are interested in exploring gender identity topics as well as relationships.

Nic is currently a student but is graduating in the summer of 2019. They are a regular contributor to gal-dem magazine and their author page can be found here

Contact: | Twitter: @niccrosara | Pronouns: They/ Them

28. Jasmine Andersson

Currently a staff writer at the iPaper, Jasmine covers issues of social justice as well as LGBT+ stories. She is a co-founder of The Second Source, a group created to tackle harassment and create an alternative network for women in the media. She has bylines in The Guardian, VICE,, Broadly and more.

Contact: | Twitter: @the__chez | Pronouns: She/Her

29. Lucy Middleton

Lucy Middleton has been a reporter at since October 2018. Prior to joining the Metro team, Lucy was a freelance journalist. Lucy also worked for Deutsche Welle while living in Berlin.

She specialises in talking about bisexuality, biphobia, LGBT+ and mental health, bi relationships, and bisexuality in pop culture.

Contact: | Twitter: @Miditun | Pronouns: She/Her

Fox Fisher (L) and Owl (R) on Good Morning Britain (Image Credit: Fox Fisher)

30. Owl (Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir)

Owl (Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir) is a writer, filmmaker and trans campaigner. They are co-director of My Genderation, which celebrates trans lives and experiences on film, and an advisor for All About Trans.

They are a regular columnist at and their areas of expertise in writing and speaking are trans issues, LGBTQIA+, feminism, intersectionality, human rights, and climate change.

Contact: / | Twitter: @UglaStefania | Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

31. Finbarr Toesland

Finbarr Toesland is a London-based journalist. He’s written for NBC News, BBC, Reuters, The European, The Telegraph and has worked on special reports in the The Times and Sunday Times.

His work includes reporting from Berlin’s first LGBTQ+ refugee centre, investigating forced anal examinations for gay men across eight countries, and he has profiled former BP CEO, Lord John Browne and has examined the secret languages used by queer people.

Finbarr is interested in commissions for long-form, investigative features, with a focus on emerging countries and their changing attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Contact: | Twitter: @FinbarrToesland | Pronouns: He/Him

32. Carrie Lyell

Carrie Lyell is the editor of DIVA Magazine. Carrie joined DIVA as an editorial assistant in 2013, having previously written for Pink Paper, Lesbilicious, and The Guardian. She’s always wanted to write about queer culture, mostly because being gay is the only thing she’s any good at. Carrie is passionate about amplifying queer women’s voices both in LGBTQI spaces and mainstream media.

Over the course of six years, Carrie has worked her way through the ranks at DIVA to become one of only four women in the driving seat of the publication. Carrie’s career highlights (so far) include interviewing Billie Jean King, meeting lesbian royalty Ellen DeGeneres, and having a bath with a baby elephant in Thailand.

Carrie is interested in pitches, particularly from marginalised voices in the queer community, and is always looking for ways to connect with other creatives.

Contact: | Twitter: @Seej | Pronouns: She/Her

Tanya Compas is an award-winning youth worker and writer. (Image Credit: Tanya Compas)

33. Robyn Vinter

Robyn Vinter is founder and editor of The Overtake, an investigative news website for millennials. She has written for numerous publications, including The Guardian, BuzzFeed, the iPaper, the New Statesman and Dazed. In 2018, she was shortlisted for a Press Award for her work on The Overtake.

Contact: | Twitter: @RobynVinter | Pronouns: She/Her

34. Nick Duffy

Nick Duffy is a queer journalist who specialises in LGBT+ policy issues and politics. He has been Current Affairs Editor of PinkNews since 2014, spearheading news coverage on issues including marriage equality, conversion therapy and transgender rights reforms. He also has an interest in queer history and mental health.

Nick is available for freelance editorial, features or opinion writing, TV and radio commentary, and for speaking engagements.

Contact: | Twitter: @NickMDuffy | Pronouns: He/Him

35. Maz Halima Khan

Maz Halima is a freelance writer and media researcher at ResponseSource and Vuelio. She covers topics relating to the LGBT+ community, exploring being LGBT+ and a WoC in particular.

Maz also writes about subjects affecting Muslim women and south Asian women, covering racism, identity (e.g halal travel guides, hair removal tips for south Asian women and cultural appropriation). She has also covered domestic abuse. Her website is here

Contact: | Twitter: @MazHalima | Pronouns: She/Her

36. Tortor Smith

Tortor Smith is a freelance videographer, video editor and animator. They began their career working at g3 magazine and OutNews. More recently they have worked as a freelance video editor for PinkNews.

Previous to that Tortor worked at ITV, in development, for both factual and entertainment commissioning. They are also a whizz at stop motion animation which they do through their own company. Tortor identifies as non-binary and as a lesbian so both those aspects appeal to them as their specialist areas.

Email: | Twitter: @tortorsmith | Pronouns: They/Them

37. Jess Glass

Jess Glass is an NCTJ qualified freelance journalist.  They previously worked as a reporter for PinkNews, where they largely covered trans topics as well as home and international news and arts. They have experience of local news and currently work as a court reporter for a number of national outlets.

Jess has specialisms in investigations and trans-related issues, including the gender recognition act and trans issues in the media. They also have a master’s degree in Gender Studies.

Jess is open for commissions and speaking events about gender and transgender issues, sexuality, and criminal justice. Jess is a non-binary bisexual who uses they/them pronouns.

Contact: | Twitter: @JessPGlass | Pronouns: They/Them

38. Jade Jackman

Jade Jackman is a filmmaker who has worked for VICE, the Guardian, NOWNESS, Al Jazeera and more. She was recognised by the British Film Institute as best director in 2018 for her short ‘Calling Home’.

In 2019, she was shortlisted for Amnesty International new voice award for a film that investigated what happened 6 months after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Previously, she was also regarded as a female human rights defender on their ‘Suffrage Spirit’ map for her work documenting various forms of state violence against women. She is represented by Black Dog Films which is part of Ridley Scott Creative Group.

Contact: | Twitter: @JadeShamraeff | Pronouns: She/Her

39. Darren Mew

Darren Mew is a journalist, speaker and communications specialist currently working at Kaleidoscope Trust as their Communications Coordinator.

They are a non-binary person and use they/them pronouns. Their published work can be found here. They have written for lots of LGBT+ publications such as Attitude Magazine, HISKIND, Gay Star News, PinkNews and LGBT+ History Month Magazine.

Contact: | Twitter: @mxdarren_ | Pronouns: They/Them

40. Jake Hall

Jake Hall has been a journalist for more than three years and has covered subjects from music and fashion to technology and drug policy.

They have bylines at British Vogue, i-D, Dazed, The Independent, Refinery29, VICE and more (view their portfolio here). Jake’s specialist areas are LGBTQ+ activism, sex work, the political potential of porn and fashion through a queer lens.

Jake is interested in article commissions, but they have also done some consultancy for brands looking to appeal to queer audiences, press release writing, panel events and speaking.

Contact: | Twitter: @jake2103 | Pronouns: They/He (gender-neutral is preferred)

Kevin runs the Qmmunity Podcast. Image Credit: Kevin Morosky

41. Kevin Morosky

Kevin is an advertising creative, film director, and influencer’s influencer. He’s worked as a creative for global brands such as Vodafone, and Adidas and delivered Audi’s most successful social media campaign of 2018.

Other brands he’s created campaigns for including Huawei, Prince’s Trust, Lush, Samsung, Women’s Equality Party, Converse, Pancreatic Cancer Action, Maytree Suicide Sanctuary.

He’s also the co-founder of POCC ( People of culture collective ) and Qmmunity Podcast, as well as a diversity consultant to various people, initiatives and organisations across the creative industries.

Contact: | Twitter: @Kevinmorosky | Pronouns: He/Him

42. Cormac O’Brien

Cormac O’Brien has been working across film, journalism and factual television for the past eight years, creating pop-television, art-film, human rights film, observational documentary, and print publishing.

With a focus on LGBT issues, he currently works in Thomson Reuters Foundation on their Multimedia team; shooting, editing and producing short video documentary and social video.

His solo film work has been shown on Reuters, the Irish Times, Internazionale, The Paper, Zinc, Zag, AJ+ and the Advocate.

Contact:  | Twitter: @cormacwobrien | Pronouns: He/Him

43. Steffan Zachiyah

Steffan Zachiyah is the co-founder of the Catalyst Studios Film Production company. He began his career in filmmaking at the age of 19.

Over the last eight years, Steffan has produced projects including a pilot for Channel 4, an online cinematic series, and an award-nominated short film ‘Killing Emmanuel’. Currently, Steffan is working on ‘STEALTH’, a feature film which he describes as dismantling the perception of gender identity.

Steffan is interested in speaking on panels, mentoring and consulting.

Contact: | Twitter: @SteffanZachiyah | Pronouns: He/Him

Zing is the UK editor of Broadly and authored the Forgotten Women series (Image Credit: Zing Tsjeng)

44. Naomi Bennett

Naomi Bennett has spent the last 10 years supporting the lesbian community through her LBQ website Planet London/Planet Nation. Additionally, she has run film screenings at festivals such as L Fest and helped market the UK’s first lesbian web series She’s in London.

Naomi has always been interested in supporting independent filmmakers. Taking her knowledge of the lesbian market, and her existing film contacts, she launched distribution network LesFlicks on 1 March 2019. It already has a large database of films, a growing list of reviews and the video on demand part of the site is being launched soon.

Naomi is keen to speak to LBQT+ filmmakers who would like to list and distribute their films through LesFlicks.

Contact: | Twitter: @LesFlicks | Pronouns: She/Her

45. Danielle Mustarde

Danielle joined DIVA, Europe’s best-selling magazine for lez/bi women, as a staff writer back in 2017. Originally from the northeast of England, she’s lived and worked in the UK, Spain and Canada and specialised in “words, contemporary culture and queer stuff” while at university.

With a passion for queer culture in its many forms, she completes #TeamDIVA’s “northern women’s collective” where she proudly represents the pink, purple and blue corner of the LGBTQI+ community. She has an MA in Magazine Journalism from The University Of Sheffield.

Contact: | Twitter: @daniellejournal | Pronouns: She/Her

46. James Besanvalle

James Besanvalle is a journalist and sub-editor, currently working as the Family Editor at Gay Star News. He has experience in radio production and hosting, having worked on a national news and current affairs program, based in Sydney, Australia. He moved to London three years ago.

He’s interested in feminism, sex, sexuality, pop culture, gaming and Australian politics.

Contact: | Twitter: @JamesBesanvalle | Pronouns: He/Him

Jess has experience writing for a number of publications including PinkNews and Court News UK (Image Credit: Jess Glass)

47. Pip Williams

Pip Williams is a bisexual journalist based between London and Manchester, UK. They currently work as Pop Editor at UK music blog The Line of Best Fit and Copywriter at US LGBT advice site My Kid Is Gay.

Pip was previously a lead feature writer at NZ music magazine Coup De Main, and they also have bylines in The Independent and Notion Magazine.

The main areas they cover are music, pop culture, LGBT+ topics (with a focus on bisexuality), and occasionally beauty and lifestyle. Pip is available for freelance work as a writer, editor, sensitivity reader, speaker, and workshop coordinator.

Contact: | Twitter: @pipsuxx | Pronouns: They/She

48. Georgina Turner

Georgina Turner is a journalist-turned-media academic. She began her journalism career with the sports desk at the Guardian online, later freelancing for the Guardian, the Observer and more.

She has covered major international sporting events in print and (live) online. More recently, she has written for DIVA magazine about media representation of queer women, mental health and wellbeing, and DIY queer cultures. As an academic, her research focuses on media representation, gender and sexuality, and communities.

She would be interested in commissions along these lines, as well as more general commissions and consulting on (hetero)sexism in and on the media.

Contact: |Twitter: @intweed | Pronouns: She/Her

49. Leonore Schick

Leonore Schick trained as an investigative journalist at City University and for the past two years has been mainly working for AP on the Middle East desk. Her investigative work has focused on oil and gas in Nigeria, as well as tax havens. She produced a radio show since 2007 named Very Loose Women which covers feminist topics.

She’s available for filming and is always interested in collaborating with new people.

Contact: | Twitter: @leo_sheek | Pronouns: She/Her

Ruchira has bylines for the i Paper, VICE and gal-dem. (Image Credit: Ruchira Sharma)

50. Jake Graf

Jake Graf is an international multi-award-winning director, writer and actor based in London known for his roles in ’The Danish Girl’ and ‘Colette’, and for viral hit ‘Headspace’. Transitioning in 2008, and after a lifetime of searching for positive representations of trans people onscreen, Jake started to write and direct his own films depicting trans life. Jake’s first feature film ’Lavender’ is currently in development with MisFits Entertainment (‘McQueen’).

Jake speaks internationally on trans issues, particularly in relation to film and media. In 2015 he was invited to the first trans-specific event at The White House, and the following year told his story in Speaker’s House, Westminster. In July 2017, his short film about legislative change was launched in The Houses of Parliament.

Jake is available for film and writing commissions, to speak on transgender issues and positive LGBT+ representation and finding love as a trans couple. He is also open to more consultancy work.

Contact: | Twitter: @JakeGraf1 | Pronouns: He/Him

51. Ruchira Sharma

Ruchira Sharma is a journalist at the i Paper. She has written for The Guardian, New Statesman, VICE and gal-dem. She has previously spoken and written on issues relating to mental health, relationships, race and online culture.

Ruchira is available for commissions on mental health, social media and race. She can speak on digital culture and the intersections of racism and sexism.

Contact: ruchirasharma19@gmail.comTwitter: @RuchoSharma | Pronouns: She/Her

52. Jem Collins

Jem is a digital and video journalist whose work centres around human rights, rural lifestyle and careers and has worked for outlets including, the i Paper, PinkNews, and RightsInfo.

She’s also the founder of Journo Resources, and once spent three days on an island with no electricity after midnight.

Contact: @Jem_Collins | Pronouns: She/Her

53. Conor Marlborough

Conor Marlborough is a freelance journalist who has written for the New Statesman, The i Paper, The Skinny and The Lancashire Post. He’s currently an editor at Backbench and in May he’s joining JPI Media as a reporter in the North West of England.

Conor has covered topics such as humanism and LGBT+ rights, ‘non-scene’ gay life, the Catholic Church and homosexuality (and excommunication). He’s interested in writing commissions and public speaking.

Contact: | Twitter: @conormarls | Pronouns: He/Him

Robyn is the founder and editor of The Overtake (Image Credit: The Overtake)

54. Megan Wallace

Megan Wallace studied at Edinburgh University and Oxford University and, alongside journalism, has experience in copywriting, teaching English as a foreign language and translation (Spanish to English).

She works primarily in digital media and started freelancing in 2017. Recent bylines include The Guardian, The Independent, Dazed, i-D, Refinery 29 and Cosmopolitan. Her specialisms include alternative pornography, gender, Spanish-language film, Internet subcultures, dance music and pop culture.

Contact: | Twitter: @_poly_princess Pronouns: She/Her

55. Patrick Kelleher

Patrick Kelleher is a freelance journalist working across news and features. Patrick is interested in global news stories related to the LGBT+ community. Currently based in Ireland, Patrick also works for UK titles.

Patrick has bylines in PinkNews and The Irish Times.

Contact: | Twitter: @paddykell | Pronouns: He/Him

56. Steven Grattan

Steven Grattan is an Irish norm freelance journalist based in Bogotá, Colombia, since 2013. He is the co-founder of English language newspaper and website The Bogota Post.

Since 2018 he has worked as a stringer for Reuters news agency and he has also been published in The Guardian, Al Jazeera, VICE, BBC and IRIN News, among others.

Steven is also a lecturer and researcher on the Journalism and Public Opinion Program at Colombia’s Universidad del Rosario. Steven is interested in working on stories related to LGBT+ issues around the board, as well as stories related to migration, the environment, and Colombian politics in general.

Twitter: @sjgrattan | Pronouns: He/Him

57. Louis Staples

Louis Staples is a freelance writer who covers LGBTQ+ stories as well as politics and culture.

Currently, he’s a staff writer at the Independent and he has bylines in the New Statesman, VICE, Dazed. The Telegraph and more. His website can be found here.

Contact: Twitter: @LouisStaples | Pronouns: He/Him

58. Gillian Callan

Gillian Callan is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. Last year she made a film called Out of the Shadows for BBC Northern Ireland – it got nominated for an RTS award and a Pink News award. It’s about Northern Ireland’s fight for decriminalisation of homosexuality.

This year she’s releasing a short LGBT doc called EQUAL, about the fight for marriage equality in Northern Ireland, told from her own personal perspective.

Twitter: @gcallan_ | Pronouns: She/Her

Zad also makes theatre as well as writing. (Image Credit: Zad)

59. Jackson Davies

Jackson Davies is a writer and content producer, formerly of BBC Radio 1 but now based in LA. He presents a nonsense news podcast called ‘The News Where They Are’ with a friend back in Wales.

He’s interested in short form documentary making and reporting on local queer stories. His specialisms are in comedy, pop-culture, news and politics. He can also do a wonderful Natalie Cassidy impression should the need ever arise.

Contact: | Twitter: @actualjack | Pronouns: He/Him

60. Sophie Wilkinson

Sophie Wilkinson has been freelance for three years since leaving The Debrief, and her most recent desk work was covering for the deputy digital editor at Grazia.

Sophie covers society, food culture, politics, celebrity, internet culture and so on. She’s interested in commissions, desk cover, broadcast and panel speaking opportunities, copywriting, editing, consulting.

Contact: | Twitter: @sophwilkinson | Pronouns: She/Her

61. Charlotte Richardson

Charlotte Richardson is an established, London-based freelance journalist, writer and cultural worker. She has bylines in The Guardian, NME, Dazed, VICE and more.

She founded Queer Zine Fest London in 2012, and has been involved with queer and feminist organising – workshops, talks, festivals, panels, gigs, club nights – in the UK for over ten years, appearing at Fringe, Ladyfest 10 and Southbank’s WoW Festival.  

Her specialisms include music, feminism, film & TV, LGBTQ+ issues, class politics, pop culture, DIY and underground cultures, social justice and, increasingly, the environment.  She’s available for commissions, copywriting, panels, workshops, speaking engagements and general trouble-making.

Contact: | Twitter: @_choobacca | Pronouns: She/Her

62. Alice Broster

Alice Broster is a writer at Bustle UK specialising in sex and relationships, gender and LGBTQ+ issues and she has covered some opinion pieces about living and dating as a bisexual woman.

She’s interested in any commissions and speaking opportunities. She also works for BBC Radio 5 Live, mostly on political programming like Question Time

Contact: | Twitter: @alicebroster1 | Pronouns: She/Her

63. Freddy McConnell

Freddy McConnell is a writer and multimedia journalist. He is on staff at The Guardian and also working on solo projects, which aim to illuminate contemporary queer life. Most recently, he originated and collaborated on Seahorse: a feature documentary about his journey to parenthood through pregnancy, premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival 2019.

Freddy co-created The Guardian’s innovative and award-winning social video format, Dab, which has garnered hundreds of millions of views over the past three years. He is co-host of The Guardian podcast Token and while at Guardian Australia established their now acclaimed podcasting team.

His specialisms include feature and column writing, podcasting, video production.

Contact: (agent) / | Twitter: @freddymcconnell | Pronouns: He/Him

64. Emily Burt

Emily Burt is an award-winning business journalist working on industry magazines; for the last three years she’s been with People Management. Now, she’s going to take on the deputy editor role at Third Sector, which covers the charity industry.

Emily is also the co-founder and editor of Fumble an inclusive sex and relationships education website created by young people for young people.

Her specialisms include anything LGBT+ workplace-related, bisexual erasure and inclusive sex education. She is available for written commissions and speaking.

Contact: / | Twitter: @EmilyPBurt | Pronouns: She/Her

65. Tufayel Ahmed

Tufayel Ahmed is currently the news editor at PinkNews. Formerly he was the associate editor of culture at Newsweek. He’s always open to hearing LGBT pitches and commissions.

Contact: | Twitter: @tufayel | Pronouns: He/Him

66. Zad

Zad is a writer and theatre-maker who covers migration rights, feminist issues, and contemporary Italian affairs – she has a huge amount of hot takes about being gay, Muslim and brown, pop culture, and telenovelas.

She is a freelancer for VICE and the Jewish Chronicle, among others, and is available for article commissions, speaking events and consulting.

Contact: | Twitter: @zadelbacha | Pronouns: She/They

67. Reiss Smith

Reiss Smith is a freelance journalist with bylines in PinkNews, The Independent, Esquire and Mr Porter. His specialisms are style, culture, entertainment, and the intersection of queer and black identities.

He’s interested in commissions and reporting/editing shifts.

Contact: | Twitter: @reisss | Pronouns: He/Him

Reiss Smith specialised in culture and entertainment. (Image Credit: Reiss Smith)

68. Zing Tsjeng

Zing Tsjeng is a journalist, author and presenter. She’s currently the editor of Broadly, VICE’s feminist channel, and she’s written the nonfiction series Forgotten Women which came out on Octopus in 2018.

Zing is interested in politics, culture, film, TV, style and history and is available for freelance commissions, public speaking and panel moderating opportunities.

Contact: | Twitter: @misszing | Pronouns: She/Her

69. Caroline Saramowicz

After writing for her university paper and interning at several magazines including Now, Grazia and Dazed, Caroline took a brief hiatus from writing and began her career in publishing.

She has now returned to freelancing and has written for The Pool, The Independent and Stylist. She writes about LGBTQ+ issues, feminism, gaming and culture, amongst other things.

Contact: | Twitter: @cazzaay

Pronouns: She/Her

70. Ewan Somerville

Ewan Somerville is a gay freelance journalist. Ewan covers topics such as the diverse LGBT+ community and the challenges of being LGBT+ in modern Britain. He freelances with The Independent, RightsInfo, The Telegraph and the i Paper.

A student at the University of Sheffield, Ewan has a first-hand insight of LGBT+ experiences in the education system, mental health difficulties among LGBT+ young people, as well as experience in reporting LGBT+ issues in society on a national level.

Contact: | Twitter: @ewansomerville | Pronouns: He/Him

71. Katie Baker

Katie Baker is a bisexual woman who, after being lifestyle editor for her student paper, is now freelance. Her specialisms are writing on LGBTQ+ pop culture as well as writing about sex and culture.

Contact: | Twitter: @KatieLouBaker11 | Pronouns: She/Her

72. Abigail Fenton

Abigail Fenton is the deputy editor of The Overtake, a news and media website for millennials. Abigail covers sexuality, gender, and feminism.

She is a regular contributor to Yahoo Finance UK and is a sweet potato fries enthusiast. Actual dragon.

Contact: | Twitter: @abisnailsfenton | Pronouns: She/Her

73. Lucy Brisbane McKay

Lucy Brisbane McKay is a journalist with a particular interest and expertise on LGBT+ people in prison and detention centres. Lucy also works for INQUEST, a charity supporting families bereaved by deaths in custody. She also specialises in mental health, human rights and social justice organising. 

Her journalism background is in written features, and she was previously editor and organiser at STRIKE! Magazine, a print magazine focusing on grassroots social justice organising. She’s  available for commissions, speaking and consultancy.

Contact: @lucybrisbane | Pronouns: She/Her 

74. Emily Hart

Emily Hart is a queer journalist currently based in Colombia, currently on an internship at Colombia Reports. She is a NCTJ trained and is bilingual (spanish). She’s previously worked with human rights campaigns, with a focus on freedom of expression, gender and migration issues. 

Emily is interested in commissions. Her work can be found here.

Contact: emhhart@gmail.comTwitter: @Emily_H_H | Pronouns: She/ Her

75. Oliver Basciano

Oliver Basciano is a journalist and critic based in London. He is currently International Editor at ArtReview and contributes to the news, arts and obituary desks of the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph. His writing has appeared in the Calvert Journal, Spike Art Quarterly, Building Design,  Architects’ Journal, Wallpaper, as well as numerous artist’s monographs, and he has contributed to BBC Radio 4’s Front Row, The Last Word and From Our Own Correspondent. He was a juror for the 2018 Turner Prize. 

Contact: (pitches) / (commissions) @OliBasciano | Pronouns: He/Him 

76. Jon Holmes

Jon Holmes is the founder and leader of industry network, advocacy, and consultancy group Sports Media LGBT+. He is also a freelance journalist and writer, specialising in LGBT+ inclusion in sports. He was previously the Home Page Editor of Sky Sports, where he co-ordinated and contributed content in support of Stonewall’s award-winning Rainbow Laces campaign.  

Jon is a committee member of the Sports Journalists’ Association, the Football Writers’ Association, and InterMedia UK; a director of the motorsport movement Racing Pride; and is available to book for speaking engagements and panel events.

Contact: | Twitter: @JonBoy79 / @SportsMediaLGBT | Pronouns: He/Him

77. Shannon Power

Shannon Power has worked in LGBT+ media for almost nine years in radio and online. Her freelance work has featured in The Guardian, The Globalist and more. She started her career in journalism at radio station JOY 94.9 in Melbourne before her promotion to assistant editor at Star Observer – Australia’s oldest LGBTI news brand.

Previously she was the Health Editor at Gay Star News after working as GSN’s Asia Correspondent for 19 months. She has made a number of media appearances on TV, radio and print discussing LGBTI issues and current affairs.

Contact: Twitter: @ShannonJPower Pronouns: She/Her

78. Roxy Bourdillon

Roxy Bourdillon is the deputy editor of DIVA magazine and the most overdressed woman in any room, unless drag queens are present.

She has six years’ experience working in LGBTQI+ media for titles including Curve, LOTL and Bound, and a lifetime’s experience as a lesbian. Roxy has appeared on stage, screen and radio. She’s given talks about The L Word at BFI Southbank, hosted panels with web series royalty at ClexaCon, and interviewed everyone from Rose and Rosie in their undies to Rachel Weisz (fully clothed).

Roxy loves everything girly, especially girls, and is interested in creating high quality, highly entertaining queer content.

Contact: | Twitter: @Roxy_Vintage | Pronouns: She/Her

79. Benjamin Butterworth

Benjamin Butterworth is a journalist, broadcaster and LGBT rights campaigner. He currently works as an editor and reporter for the iPaper. He covers issues such as LGBT education in schools and attitudes in the Commonwealth. He recently secured an exclusive from the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth condemning the stoning of gay men in Brunei

He is a regular commentator on LGBT issues for Sky News, BBC 5Live, LBC, talkRADIO and BBC local radio stations. He is also a paper reviewer for Sky News.

Previously Benjamin has written on LGBT issues for the Washington Post, The Guardian, The Independent, PinkNews and Gay Times magazine.

Contact: @BenjaminButter | Pronouns: He/Him

80. Liam Taft

Liam Taft is a freelance journalist specialising in film and LGBTQ+ issues. He is particularly interested in the lives of queer people in the North of England and working class LGBTQ+ stories. 

He is currently the News Editor for Redbrick, a Youth Juror for Sheffield Doc/Fest, and has bylines in The Guardian, HuffPost, HUCK, i-D, Gay Times, and more. He is available to write news stories, features, opinion pieces, and interviews etc. Find his portfolio here: 

Contact: liamtaft@gmail.comTwitter: @Liam_Taft_ Pronouns: He/Him

81. Sanjana Varghese

Sanjana Varghese is a freelance journalist and writer, based in London. She was formerly an intern at WIRED UK and the New Statesman, and has written for the Guardian and gal-dem. She covers technology, culture and politics, and is particularly interested in how they intersect. 

She is available for reporting, researching, and writing articles, news stories and features.  Her website can be found here ( ).

Contact: sanjanamvarghese@gmail.comTwitter: @VargheseSanjana | Pronouns: She/Her

82. Hadley Stewart 

Hadley Stewart is a freelance journalist specialising in LGBT+ topics and health. He has written for Attitude, Euronews, FS magazine, NBC News, PinkNews, Reuters, among other publications. Hadley has reported on the plight of the LGBT+ community in Egypt, the impact of Venezuela’s economic crisis on LGBT+ people, and human rights activism in the Middle East. 

He is also currently appearing on The Condom Chat (BBC Stories) and Queer Britain (BBC Three), with previous on-camera experience on Sky News. 

Contact: | Twitter: @wordsbyhadley | Pronouns: He/Him

83. Charlie Jones

Charlie Jones is a freelance journalist who writes for PinkNews. Charlie covers a range of queer issues and specialises in drag journalism, covering weekly reviews of RuPaul’s Drag Race, interviews with contestants and reviews. He has previously written a queer stories and columns for the London Evening Standard.

Contact: | Twitter: @CharlieDanJones | Pronouns: He/Him

84. James Crump

James Crump is the deputy editor of Londnr magazine and a freelance writer covering bisexual issues and representation. James writes about bisexuality as he doesn’t see many bisexual men writing about their experiences. Two of his articles on bisexuality can be found here and here.

Contact: jamespaulcrump@gmail.comTwitter: @TheJamesCrump | Pronouns: He/Him 

85. Anick

Anick is a London-based intersex activist and content creator. After releasing his debut documentary with the BBC titled “The Intersex Diaries”, Anick has gone on to speak about his experiences as a person of colour and LGBTQIA+ activist. He is the founder of Intersex Advocates and Friends (@intersexAF) which provides a platform for intersex related content and opportunities for people to work alongside intersex people. Anick has written, researched, produced and presented content for a variety of organisations.

Contact: | Twitter: @Anickians | Pronouns: He/Him 

86. Jocelyn Evans

Jocelyn Evans is a queer journalist and writer based in Cardiff and working for ITV Wales. Jocelyn has a background in radio and television broadcast journalism. She’s worked in commercial radio on short form news bulletins and now for ITV Wales on the main 6 o’clock news programme. Jocelyn is interested in diversifying the news and sharing stories from underrepresented voices. Her specialisms include Oxbridge access, abortion provision in the UK, LGBT+ rights and education.

Contact: | Twitter: @JossieEvans | Pronouns: She/Her

87. Will Shillibier

Will Shillibier is a bisexual freelance poker journalist and presenter. He has written poker match reports for the BBC, website content for the Times and for other news websites covering competitions. Will is very passionate about LGBT issues and has previously competed at the 2018 Gay Games in Paris. Will has a Diploma in Journalism, and studied at a press agency.

Contact: | Twitter: @Shillibier | Pronouns: He/Him

88. Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan is a journalist, editor and author, formerly working as News Editor at Gay Star News. He also has experience in radio and podcast production, as well as events management. He is a campaigner on asylum, bullying in schools, as well as sex and relationship education. Joe is also interested in all issues surrounding sexuality, gender identity and feminism. 

Contact: | Twitter: @nottherealjoe | Pronouns: He/him

89. Siobhan O’Leary

Siobhan [shiv – awn] O’Leary is a Canadian freelance journalist specialising in media & science literacy as they relate to LGBT civil rights. Her investigative work is printed in VICE, Shadowproof, and Rewire News, and has probed the misconduct of police, prosecutors, and researchers, all of whom may variously engage in Scientism during the course of their work.

She is particularly keen on work involving authorities and is typically available for non-time-sensitive matters. She will take international work. Siobhan’s portfolio can be found here:

Contact: | Twitter:@SiobhanFTB | Pronouns: She/Her

90. Robert Greene

Robert Greene is the Snapchat Editor at PinkNews and the director/producer of ‘Coming Out Twice,’ a documentary about eating disorders in the LGBT+ community. Robert has worked as a producer for Good Morning Britain and is the former Video Editor at Londonist. He is available to speak on mental health, body image/positivity, social media and reaching Gen Z/Millennial audiences.

Contact: | Twitter: @robert_greene_ | Pronouns: He/Him

91. Stefania Sarrubba

Stefania Sarrubba is the former Prides & Festivals Editor at Gay Star News. She also writes about everything pop culture for The Mary Sue. She’s available to speak about gender representation in media, women’s reproductive health and bisexuality visibility. 

Her online portfolio can be found here:

Contact: | Twitter: @freckledvixen | Pronouns: She/Her

92. Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson is a freelance writer interested in mental health, LGBT+ issues, pop culture and the internet. She has previously written for publications including The Independent, Dazed Digital, Broadly, The i and more. She completed an internship with The Debrief in 2018 and worked as an editor for The F-Word 2017-18. 

Sophie is available for commissions around health, technology, pop culture, New Zealand news and LGBT+ issues.

Contact: | Twitter: @sophlynne | Pronouns: She/Her

93. Tom Capon

Tom Capon is an award-winning travel, nightlife and culture journalist who previously worked for Gay Star News. Tom has bylines in Design My Night London as well as Celebs Now. His portfolio of work can be found here:

Contact: | Twitter: @TomCapon | Pronouns: He/Him

94. Josh Milton

Josh Milton is a journalist specialising in fashion, features, and news. With a background in writing on everything from the Gilmore Girls to the geopolitics of Brunei, pigeon photographers to finding love on Grindr, come to him with the wackiest news stories you can think of. Previously Josh was a journalist at Gay Star News. His portfolio can be found here:

Contact: | Twitter: | Pronouns: He/Him

95. Catharina Cheung

Catharina Cheung is a non-binary, pansexual editor and journalist whose work mainly focuses on culture, lifestyle, features, Asian heritage, and telling the stories of underrepresented people. She has years of experience producing content for both digital and print publications, as well as branded B2B and B2C campaigns.

Currently based in Hampshire by way of Hong Kong and Singapore, her work can be found on platforms including Bustle, Localiiz, Humans of Hong Kong, Campaign Asia-Pacific, Squarefoot REA Group, Hong Kong Living magazines, and the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

She is a fluent writer and speaker of both Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, with an intermediate knowledge of Korean and Japanese, and is also available for translation work. Catharina’s editorial portfolio can be found here:

Contact: | Twitter: @catharinacheung | Pronouns: She/Them

96. Chay Quinn

Chay Quinn is a bisexual journalist specialising in sport and news. He is currently an English undergraduate at the University of York where he edits the student tabloid, York Vision. 

Contact: | Twitter: @ChayQuinn | Pronouns: He/Him

97. Lewis Peters

Lewis Peters was the videographer and video editor at Gay Star News, he filmed and edited ‘Kris: The Power of Support’, an upcoming documentary about a psychically disabled man who plans on taking his disability fitness class to compete in a para-triathlon event. Lewis has worked in the industry for 8 years and has over 12 years editing experience. His interests lie in human interests stories, mental health, body positivity, and equality.

Contact: lewis_p5@hotmail.comTwitter: @lew_and_i | Pronouns: He/Him

98. And finally, Eve Hartley (the writer of this list)

Eve Hartley is a freelance multimedia journalist and documentary filmmaker. She focuses on LGBT, subculture and international stories. Previously based in Colombia, Eve has bylines in the i Paper, Broadly, Teen Vogue & more covering issues from the Colombian general elections, to the poverty facing Bogota’s trans sex workers.

Prior to freelancing Eve was Multimedia Editor at HuffPost (UK) where she led a variety of multimedia projects and written features, short films, 360 videos, and breaking news video.

Eve is available for documentary and news video commissions, written feature commissions and panel events. She’s able to speak on LGBT+ representation in the media, lesbian identity, growing up with a gay parent, international LGBT+ issues and mental health.

Contact: | Twitter: @eve_hartley | Pronouns: She/Her

Featured Image Credit: Zackary Drucker / Broadly’s Gender Spectrum Collection.