Founding Director & Editor-In-Chief

April 18, 2018 (Updated )

Journo Resources is delighted to be supporting Press Pad, a new voluntary initiative to help young people gain experience in the capital. 

Young people who have gained work experience or an internship in London will be matched with a mentor, and will also receive a rent-free room for the duration of their stay.

“Diversity is so important to making journalism a better place,” said Journo Resources founder and director Jem Collins. “One of the key barriers to young people wanting experience is the money to enable this, especially if they’re from outside the capital like me.

“This is an incredible initiative to help address this problem, and we’re really excited to support it.”

The project was founded by BBC journalist Olivia Crellin following her own experience of entering a journalism career from outside the M25 – and after hearing the stories of many others.

Olivia, who grew up in the Midlands, calculated that it would cost the same or less to take a flight abroad and start her journalism adventures in a foreign country where the cost of living was significantly cheaper – than try her hand interning in London for free with hefty rent and travel costs and no guarantee of a job.

The unreliable nature of journalism means that many who make the move to London – even with opportunities lined up – will face the same situation.

Applications to this years’ pilot scheme are open until April 30.