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August 16, 2019 (Updated )

Journo Resources has smashed its £250 a month crowdfunding goal, thanks to generous funding from News Associates.

The training provider, the UK’s number one provider of NCTJ courses, has agreed to meet the full costs of Journo Resources’ staff writer Alex Ekong. 

Lucy Dyer, News Associates Editorial Development Manager, said: “Journo Resources is an amazing asset for aspiring journalists so when we saw they needed a hand we jumped at the chance to help them.

“News Associates and Journo Resources share the same ethos doing everything we can to help people from all backgrounds break into journalism so we’re delighted to be working with them.

“We’re looking forward to seeing what Jem, Alex and the team do next!”

‘News Associates and Journo Resources Share The Same Ethos’

Journo Resources’ Staff Writer Alex Ekong

Journo Resources launched a round of crowdfunding in June to tie in with our third birthday, aiming to raise at least £250 a month to cover our editorial costs.

“One of the main things we wanted to do with the crowdfunder was secure funding for our editorial output,” explained Journo Resources’ director and co-founder Jem Collins.

“Our advice section is one of the most valuable parts of the website, but it’s also one of the most expensive things to fund.

“Alex has done an amazing job working on our social media and opportunities for the last few months, and we wanted to make sure we’re paying him at least London Living Wage for the amazing work he does.”

Alex, who was promoted to a staff writer role last month, will now be focusing on creating quality advice content for the website. 

He said: “I’m thrilled to be a part of a project like Journo Resources. We’re here to be a friend to everyone trying to break into journalism, and our advice section is a big part of that.

“I look forward to writing loads of engaging, informative articles, that new and experienced journos can action.”

‘We’re Here To Be A Friend To Everyone’

The Journo Resources’ tent at Byline 2018.

News Associates will now be funding Alex’s monthly rate of £240. Coupled with the £144 raised from the public, this brings our monthly total to £384.

“This money from News Associates will really make a huge difference,” added Jem. “Their contribution will pay for Alex to continue working with us every month, while money from our supporters means we’re able to commission one additional piece from a freelancer every month.”

The Journo Resources team will continue to crowdfund for their stretch goal of £500 a month, to help cover the cost of their monthly Mailchimp subscription, to allow for development work to the website, and to help Jem to start drawing a salary.

“There are a lot of things we still want to do to the website,” Jem added. “For example, development updates to the salary and freelance pages to make them more searchable, but all these things cost money. Our Mailchimp subscription alone is £50 a month.”

As part of the agreement, Journo Resources will also be delivering workshops every other month to News Associates trainees across their programmes, with topics scheduled to include Instagram strategy, freelance pitching and more.

To contribute to the Journo Resources crowdfunder, from as little as £3 a month, head here. You’ll also receive a range of exclusive perks, including badges and stationary!.