Founding Director & Editor-In-Chief

November 21, 2019 (Updated )

Let’s cut to it. We’re a start-up, and you’re probably pretty skint too. However, if you like what we do, there’s a way you can help us out this festive season, without costing yourself an extra penny.

We’ve teamed up with Easy Fundraising as a partner, which means if you sign up to support us for free, every time you shop online we’ll get free cash. Yes, really, it’s that simple.

It’s all done through affiliate links and happens quietly away in the background, so all you need to do is sign up and we can get a couple of extra quid to help keep things ticking along.

What You Need To Do

It’s actually super easy. All you need to do is:

1. Head here. You can click to sign-up to support us on the EasyFundraising website. You just need to set up your own account, and make sure we’re selected as your chosen cause.

2. Download the donation reminderThis is simple browser extension which will remind you to use EasyFundraising every time you’re on a shop which can help us earn money. It’ll flash up, and all you need to do is click yes. Plus, we get 50p free for everyone who downloads it. They also have a mobile app if that’s more your vibe, and we get 50p for that download too.

3. Continue to shop as normal: That’s literally it. Continue as you were with your festive shopping and we’ll get some extra pennies as well.

This will help us pay for a whole host of things we can’t currently afford, such as an admin assistant to help run the show, new editorial content, and updates to the website.

As ever, we’re incredibly grateful for all of your support and couldn’t do it without you. We hope you have a wonderful festive season wherever you are – and look forward to showing you some great new projects in 2022!