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We’re a small team, but hoping to make a big difference! Our staff team is made up of three directors who oversee the day to day running of Journo Resources, and we also work with a number of freelance contributors.

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Our Staff Team


Jem Collins, Founding Director and Editor-in-Chief

Jem is the founder, leading director and editor-in-chief of Journo Resources. She launched the project in 2016, and now oversees business strategy, editorial content, and runs a number of talks and workshops across the country. She also works on special projects at RightsInfo, and freelances for outlets such as the i Paper,,, PinkNews and others.

You can follow her @Jem_Collins or email

Matt Moody, Director (Comms and Design)

Matt is a director of Journo Resources and is responsible for communications and design. He oversees the teams creative output and visual identity, as well as working with the team on editorial. He joined the team in 2017, and is also currently a reporter at The Planner Magazine and was previously the editor of Redbrick newspaper in Birmingham.

You can follow him @MattMoody17 or email

Abbie Cheeseman, Director (Editorial and Events)

Abbie is a director of Journo Resources and is responsible for our editorial content focussing on careers, as well as running our events programme. She joined the team in 2017, and she also currently works as the opportunities officer for the Student Publication Association, as well as studying for a masters at City University.

You can follow her on Twitter @cheesemanab or email

Our Freelance Network

Ollie Cole, Photographer

Ollie works with the Journo Resources team on their photography, providing event and byline photography since 2018. He is also a freelance journalist, broadcaster, producer and photographer based in London. His work credits include The Stage, KM Media Group, Nation Broadcasting, Newsquest and others.

You can follow him @ProducerOllie

Get Involved

We’re a small team, but we’re always open to amazing new people bringing us new ideas. If you’ve got something you think would work, email us on